6-04-001-0001    NUISANCES DESIGNATED:

6-04-001-0002    ABATEMENT OF NUISANCES:

6-04-001-0003    FAILURE TO COMPLY:

6-04-001-0004    HEARING:

6-04-001-0005    SERVICE OF NOTICE:

6-04-001-0006    JUDGMENT:



Any building, shed or other structure of any kind which is or may hereafter become dilapidated or so unsanitary or out of repair from age, neglect or other cause as to render it unfit or unsafe for habitation for occupancy, or which constitutes a dangerous fire hazard or which is otherwise dangerous or detrimental to the public or injurious to the health and morals of the community is hereby declared a nuisance and the same shall not be occupied or maintained and shall be abated as hereinafter provided.


The Mayor and Council may, on its own motion or upon complaint being made in writing by three (3) or more persons, owners of real estate residing in the City, cause any building, shed or other structure which may be reasonably regarded as a nuisance for any of the reasons set forth in the preceding Section to be inspected by the Health Authority, City Engineer and the Chief of the Fire Department, as a committee of inspectors, and if said inspectors, or a majority thereof shall report the same to be a nuisance, within the meaning of the preceding Section, setting forth the facts upon which they base their report, the Mayor and Council shall, if said report after due consideration be adopted, cause to be served by the Chief of Police upon the occupants and owners of any such premises, a notice in writing to abate said nuisance, either by repairing the same or removing it from the premises within twenty (20) days after receiving notice so to do, which said notice shall set forth the grounds for abatement and shall be signed by the Mayor and shall be served by delivering or offering to deliver a copy to the person to whom it is directed, or if such person cannot be found, by delivering a copy to his agent or by posting a copy in a conspicuous place on the premises sought to be abated.

6-04-001-0003 FAILURE TO COMPLY:

Upon the failure of the owner to abate said nuisance within the time required by said notice, the Chief of Police or any member of the Health Department may file in the Police Court a complaint against such owner charging a violation of this Chapter, whereupon the Police Judge shall cause to be served upon the owner a notice commanding him to appear before said Police Judge to show cause why said building, shed or other structure should not be abated as a nuisance.

6-04-001-0004 HEARING:

The time and place of said hearing shall be set forth in said notice and the hearing shall not be had in less than five (5) days after the service of such notice.

6-04-001-0005 SERVICE OF NOTICE:

The said notice may be served upon the owner or his agent by any member of the Police Department by delivering a copy of said notice to the agent or owner, or by leaving a copy of said notice at his usual place of residence. And, in the event that the owner or agent as aforesaid is a nonresident of the City, said notice shall be served by publishing the same in the official newspaper of the City, one publication each week for at least two (2) weeks prior to the date set for the hearing, and a copy of such notice shall be mailed to the last known address of the nonresident agent or owner.

6-04-001-0006 JUDGMENT:

If, upon a trial of the charge, the party against whom the said complaint is issued shall be convicted, he shall be subject to a fine and the judgment of conviction, in addition to the fine, shall order the abatement of the nuisance by repair or removal of the building, shed or other structure designated in said complaint; provided, however, that if the owner be a nonresident of the City and cannot be served personally with the notice herein provided, the fine shall not be imposed and the judgment of the Court shall only require the abatement of the nuisance by repair or removal of the structure so designated.


Whenever there shall be a conviction under the preceding Section, if said nuisance shall not have been abated within five (5) days after judgment, the Street Superintendent shall abate and remove the structure designated in the complaint upon which said conviction was had or he may contract with some suitable person or persons for said purpose, and the same shall be at the cost of the owner or owners thereof, which cost if not paid by the owner may be paid by the City and the amount so expended may be recovered by the City by suit in any court of competent jurisdiction. (Ord. 297, 10-14-36)