Division 10-10.10:


10-10.10.010    Title

10-10.10.020    Zoning Map

10-10.10.010 Title

A.    Title 10 of the Flagstaff City Code shall be known and may be cited as “The City of Flagstaff Zoning Code” or “the Zoning Code.” Within this title it may also be known as “this Zoning Code” or “these regulations.”

B.    The Zoning Map that is a part of this Zoning Code shall be known as “The City of Flagstaff Official Zoning Map” or “Zoning Map” (See Section 10-10.10.020 (Zoning Map)).

C.    Title 10 and the Zoning Map shall be subject to change from time to time as may be determined by the Council.

10-10.10.020 Zoning Map

A.    Adoption. The Zoning Map, which divides the City of Flagstaff (City) into zones, together with all explanatory notes provided on the Zoning Map, is adopted by reference and declared to be a part of this Zoning Code.

B.    Zone Boundary or Classification Changes. If, in compliance with the provisions of the Zoning Code, changes are made to zone boundaries, zone classifications, or other matters set forth on the Zoning Map, such changes shall be entered on the Zoning Map within 30 days following the effective date of the ordinance adopting the change.

C.    Maintenance of Zoning Map. The Zoning Map shall be kept on file in the office of the Planning Director (Director), and shall be maintained in electronic format by the Information Technology Division, as authorized by the Director.

D.    Copies of the Zoning Map. Paper copies of the Zoning Map may be certified as true and correct by the Director. Electronic copies of the Zoning Map shall not be certified as true and correct.

(Ord. 2016-07, Amended, 2/16/2016 (Res. 2016-02))