Division 10-20.10:


10-20.10    Purpose

10-20.10 Purpose

The purpose of this chapter is to set forth the organization, powers, and duties of the review authorities responsible for Zoning Code administration; to provide for the orderly application and processing of development applications; and to set forth provisions for the enforcement of this Zoning Code. Table 10-20.10.010.A, Permits and Approvals, below lists the permits addressed in this chapter, specifically in Division 10-20.40 (Permits and Approvals). Table 10-20.80.010.A, Review Authorities, identifies the review authority responsible for reviewing and making decisions on applications required by this Zoning Code.

Table 10-20.10.010.A

Permits and Approvals 

Name of Permit/Approval

Zoning Code Chapter/Section

Applicability of Permit

Avigation Easement


An Avigation Easement is intended to protect the Airport from the encroachment of incompatible development in surrounding areas.

Building Permits and Certificates of Occupancy


A Building Permit may be required prior to construction (see also Minor Improvement Permit (10-20.40.080)). A Certificate of Occupancy is required upon completion of construction and prior to occupancy.

Building Relocation Requests


A Building Relocation Request must be submitted and a Moving Permit obtained when an existing structure is relocated to a new site.

Conditional Use Permits


A Conditional Use Permit (UP) is required to authorize certain land uses specified by Chapter 10-40 (Specific to Zones).

Development Agreements


A Development Agreement, compliant with A.R.S. § 9-500.05, may be required for certain developments.

Home Occupation Permits


A Home Occupation Permit is required for home occupations conducted within a dwelling in a residential or commercial zone (See Section 10-40.60.180, Home Occupations, for home occupation standards).

Minor Improvement Permits


A Minor Improvement Permit is required for development that does not otherwise require a Building Permit.

Minor Modifications to Development Standards


A Minor Modification to a development standard may be granted by the Zoning Code Administrator under certain circumstances.

Outdoor Lighting Permits


An Outdoor Lighting Permit is required for installation of outdoor lighting as specified in Division 10-50.70 (Outdoor Lighting Standards).

Parking Lot Maintenance Permits


A Parking Lot Maintenance Permit is required when a parking lot is repaved, resealed, or restriped.

Sign Permits – Permanent Sign Structure


A Sign Permit is required for the installation or remodeling of certain signs.

Sign Permits – Wall Banner Signs


A Wall Banner Sign Permit is required for the installation of certain temporary signs.

Site Plan Review and Approval


Site Plan Review and Approval is required before construction of any structure erected in the zones described in Chapter 10-40 (Specific to Zones), and as authorized by the Review Authorities specified in Table 10-20.80.010.A (Review Authorities).

Temporary Use Permits


A Temporary Use Permit is required to allow short-term activities that might not meet the development or use standards of the applicable zone, but may otherwise be acceptable because of their temporary nature.

Zoning Verification


A Zoning Verification Letter may be requested by a property owner or a representative for a property owner who is seeking verification of the zoning status for a property.