Division 10-20.90:


10-20.90.010    Purpose

10-20.90.020    Initiation of Annexations

10-20.90.030    Procedures

10-20.90.010 Purpose

The purpose of this division is to provide procedures that comply with and implement A.R.S. § 9-471 et seq., the General Plan, and other pertinent City policies and regulations for annexing real property to the City, so that the City may respond to changing development conditions and requests by property owners outside the City limits for City services. This division shall apply to all applications to annex property into the City.

10-20.90.020 Initiation of Annexations

A.    Council or City Manager. The Council or the City Manager may direct the Director to review specific property to determine whether it may be legally annexed and to contact property owners to determine whether they will sign an annexation petition.

B.    Owner Initiation. One or more property owners may submit an application to annex property they own into the City.

10-20.90.030 Procedures

A.    Pre-Application Review. An optional pre-application review with the Director is recommended for all annexation applications in compliance with the procedures set forth in Section 10-20.30.040, Pre-Application Review by Director. In conformance with A.R.S. § 9-471 et seq., the applicant should include information on how the development will be provided with appropriate levels of infrastructure and services within 10 years after the annexation. If a General Plan amendment or Zoning Map amendment (Division 10-20.50, Amendments to the Zoning Code Text and the Zoning Map) is anticipated, the applicant should present preliminary information regarding these requests.

B.    Annexation Application. Applications for annexations shall be submitted to the Director in compliance with the application procedures set forth in Section 10-20.30.020, Application Process, and shall include the information and materials specified in the Planning Section handout for annexations together with the required fee in compliance with Appendix 2, Planning Fee Schedule.

C.    Procedures for Review and Approval. All applications for annexations of real property shall be reviewed, processed and approved in conformance with A.R.S. § 9-471 et seq., Annexation of territory; procedures; notice; petitions; access to information; restrictions.

D.    Procedures for Review and Approval. In conformance with State law, areas annexed into the City shall initially be assigned land use zone classifications which permit densities and uses no greater than those permitted by Coconino County, immediately before annexation. Subsequent changes in the zone of the annexed areas shall be made according to the procedures established in Division 10-20.050, Amendments to the Zoning Code Text and the Zoning Map.