Division 10-50.40:


10-50.40.010    Purpose and Applicability

10-50.40.020    Encroachments into Minimum Required Setbacks

10-50.40.010 Purpose and Applicability

A.    This division provides standards for the allowed encroachment or projection of certain structures into required setback areas. This allows for specific architectural features or accessory structures to be developed in areas that might otherwise prohibit such features, providing more flexibility to property owners.

B.    Additional standards for encroachments can be found in Division 10-40.40, Transect Zones. If there is a conflict between any standards within the transect zones, the provisions within Division 10-40.40, Transect Zones, control over this division.

10-50.40.020 Encroachments into Minimum Required Setbacks

A.    Allowed Encroachments. Table 10-50.40.020.A, Allowed Encroachments into Setbacks and Heights, establishes elements that may encroach into required setbacks.

B.    Access Ramps for Disabled Persons. Access ramps for disabled persons may encroach into a required setback, provided they are not more than 36 inches in height and remain five feet from the front property line, two feet from the side property line and 10 feet from the rear property line.

C.    Rain Barrels and Cisterns. Rain barrels and cisterns used for rainwater harvesting in compliance with Section 10-50.60.070, Water Use and Irrigation, shall be allowed to encroach into side and rear setbacks to the property line, and no more than five feet into a front setback.


Table 10-50.40.020.A.: Allowed Encroachments into Setbacks


Arbors, Awnings, Canopies, Court Yards, Decks, Patios, Pergolas, Porches, Stoops, Trellis, Hooded Entries, Carports and Balconies



Maximum Encroachment in Setback

Front, Rear, Street Side Setback

5 feet1,2,3

Interior Side Setback

3 feet1,2,3


Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs)


See Section 10-40.60.030


Accessory Buildings and Structures, Excluding Walls and Fences



Minimum Setback from Property Line


Rear setback abutting a public alley right-of-way or private alley tract

0 feet


Rear setback abutting another lot or parcel

5 feet2,3


Interior side setback

5 feet2,3


Street side setback

No encroachment allowed


Front setback

No encroachment allowed


Walls and Fences


Refer to Section 10-50.50.030, Siting and Building Standards, regarding the allowed locations of walls and fences.


Ground Mounted Solar Panels



Maximum Encroachment in Setback

Front, Rear, Street Side Setback

5 feet

Interior Side Setback

3 feet


Open Stairways



Maximum Encroachment in Setback

Rear and Exterior Side Setback

5 feet2,3

Interior Side Setback

3 feet2,3


Bay Windows, Open Eaves, Cornices, Fireplaces and Chimneys, and Window Sills



Maximum Encroachment in Setback

All Setbacks

2 feet

End Notes:


In no case shall the permitted encroachment exceed 50 percent of the required setback.


Refer to applicable Building Code sections for permitted projections into setback areas and ensure that a 3' space is maintained between an open stairway and the property line.


Refer to applicable Building Code sections for construction less than 5' from a property line.

(Ord. 2021-16, 7/6/2021 (Res. 2021-32); Ord. 2019-32, Amended, 11/5/2019 (Res. 2019-49))