Division 10-90.70:
Zoning Map


10-90.70.010    Map

10-90.70.010 Map

A.    The Zoning Map is not bound into this Zoning Code as it is subject to frequent amendment based on Zoning Map amendment approvals by the City Council. Copies of the Zoning Map may be viewed and purchased at Flagstaff City Hall, or the map may be found on the City of Flagstaff webpage at http://www.flagstaff.az.gov/zoningcode.

B.    The Zoning Map comprises two related maps as follows:

1.    Zoning Map for the City of Flagstaff showing the non-transect and transect zones (illustrated on a regulating plan included as an inset on the Zoning Map) as applied within the City; and

2.    Overlay Zones Map showing the different overlay zones associated with the Zoning Map.

(Ord. 2016-07, Amended, 2/16/2016 (Res. 2016-02))