Minimum Required Subdivision Improvements


11-20.130.010    In General

11-20.130.020    Minimum Improvements Required

11-20.130.010 In General

A.    It shall be the responsibility of the subdivider to improve all streets, pedestrian ways, alleys and easements in the subdivision and adjacent to it as required to serve the subdivision. No permanent improvement work shall be commenced until improvement plans have been approved by the City Engineer. Improvements shall be installed to the permanent line and grade and to the satisfaction of the City Engineer, and in accordance with the standard subdivision specifications of the City of Flagstaff. The cost of the inspection shall be paid by the subdivider.

B.    For subdivisions that will be platted and developed in more than a single phase, the final plat and assurance of performance for improvements shall represent only the limits of each individual phase proposed for development. Each phase of a subdivision shall have improvements designed to be fully operational and functional in perpetuity without reliance on the development of future phases. Construction plans submitted for approval shall not represent multiple phases and shall depict only the design of improvements necessary to make an individual phase operational and functional.

11-20.130.020 Minimum Improvements Required

A.    The minimum requirements for public improvements for new subdivisions are provided in City Code Title 10, Zoning Code, Division 10-30.50 (Public Improvements).