Chapter 18.35


18.35.010    Intent.

18.35.020    Permitted principal uses.

18.35.030    Permitted conditional uses.

18.35.035    Trailers/accessory vehicles.

18.35.040    Use regulations.

18.35.050    Requirements.

18.35.060    Detached accessory buildings.

18.35.010 Intent.

These districts comprise single-family residential areas and certain open land areas where such development is desirable and appears likely to occur. Regulations are designed to stabilize and protect the single-family character of the districts, to promote and encourage creation of a desirable environment for family life where most families include children, and to prohibit all incompatible activities. Principal uses are therefore restricted to single-family dwellings on individual lots. Certain essential and complementary uses are also permitted under conditions and standards which ensure protection of the character of the districts. (Ord. 06-10, 2006; prior code § 17-7-1)

18.35.020 Permitted principal uses.

One single-family residence per lot; provided, that for purposes of this section, the length of the dwelling shall not be greater than three times the width, and the roofing and siding material must blend in with the immediate neighborhood, as determined by the building official.

Recreational uses such as public or private golf courses and related facilities and improvements to include: clubhouses, restaurants, locker rooms, pro shops, cart storage facilities, driving ranges, tennis courts, health clubs, spas, etc.; provided, that such related facilities are located on real property contiguous to the primary recreational attraction. (Ord. 06-10, 2006; prior code § 17-7-2)

18.35.030 Permitted conditional uses.

The following uses are permitted as principal uses, subject to the approval of application for a specific use by the building official. Said application shall include full information regarding the proposed location, area, height, bulk and placement of such uses, and shall, at the discretion of the building official, include submission of the proposed site plan:

A. Residential structures employing energy-saving devices.

B. Any use customarily incidental to a permitted principal use.

C. Private garage or carport for storage of not more than three vehicles.

D. Garden house, tool house, ramada, and swimming pool. (Ord. 16-16 § 2, 2016; Ord. 06-10, 2006; prior code § 17-7-3)

18.35.035 Trailers/accessory vehicles.

The provisions of this section are to establish additional guidelines regarding the parking and/or storage of trailers/accessory vehicles.

A. It is unlawful for any person to park any trailer/accessory vehicle on any street, alley, highway or any other public place, or any tract of land owned by any person, occupied or unoccupied, in a residential zone; however, emergency or temporary stopping of any trailer is permitted on any street, alley or highway so as not to impede the safe flow of traffic, subject to any other and further prohibitions, regulations or limitations imposed by the traffic and parking regulations or laws for such street, alley or highway.

B. The occupant of any tract of land upon which a trailer in transit is parked shall be required to register the trailer with the town clerk, and such registration shall contain the names and number of occupants, the year and make of the trailer, the number of the license plate attached to the trailer, the name of the issuing state and the length of time, not to exceed 30 days, during which the trailer will be parked upon the subject premises.

C. Parking of two trailers/accessory vehicles is permitted on a property at any given time. The provisions for the parking of such vehicles are as follows:

1. One vehicle can be located in a rear yard, so long as it is not provided permanent electrical power (maintenance connection is authorized), water supply, gas (natural or LP), or sanitary sewer and is not used for living purposes; and one vehicle can be located in a garage or carport, so long as it is not provided permanent electrical power (maintenance connection is authorized), water supply, gas (natural or LP), or sanitary sewer and is not used for living purposes.

2. Any resident that wishes to park a trailer/accessory vehicle in a location other than their back yard, garage or carport must register the vehicle with the town clerk as to include the name, year and make of the trailer, the number of the license plate attached to the trailer, the name of the issuing state, proof of current registration and pay a registration fee due to the town of Huachuca City as outlined in this title. All residents are limited to a single registered trailer/accessory vehicle and it must adhere to the following provisions:

a. The subject is stored in good, working condition.

b. The subject is not provided electrical power (maintenance connection is authorized), water supply, gas (natural or LP) or sanitary sewer and is not used for living purposes.

c. The subject is located in a side yard, side portion of the front yard or driveway.

d. The subject is located on a hard surface such as concrete, asphalt, pavers or decomposed granite.

e. The subject is not located in a front yard, directly in front of the residence.

f. The subject must have no less than a two-foot setback from the closest side property line and is subject to the city’s seven-foot utility setback (excluding hitch), when parked on the owner’s property.

g. Agree to periodic inspections by the police department and/or building official to ensure the subject remains compliant with the provisions above.

3. When a trailer is being used to transport another vehicle, it will be considered a single accessory vehicle.

D. Failure to comply with these provisions will be assessed fees and subject to legal proceedings as outlined within this title. (Ord. 16-16 § 3, 2016)

18.35.040 Use regulations.

Manufactured homes and mobile homes are not allowed to be installed within this zone. Any manufactured home or mobile home existing within this zone at the time of enactment of this provision is permitted to remain, provided it is occupied as a residence and in good repair. (Ord. 2019-02 § 1, 2019; Ord. 06-10, 2006; prior code § 17-7-4)

18.35.050 Requirements.

A. Maximum building height: two stories or 30 feet.

B. Minimum lot area: 7,500 square feet.

C. Minimum lot width: 75 feet.

D. Minimum front yard: 25 feet.

E. Maximum coverage of lot for all buildings: 30 percent of total lot area.

F. Main Buildings.

1. Minimum side yards: seven feet each.

2. Minimum rear yards: 20 feet each.

G. Maximum fence height: four feet in front yard, six feet from the front of the house in the rear of the lot. See Section 18.100.100, Fences. (Ord. 06-10, 2006; prior code § 17-7-5)

18.35.060 Detached accessory buildings.

A. Minimum distance to side lot lines:

1. None if in rear 20 feet of lot.

2. Same side yards as required for main buildings if not in rear 20 feet of lot.

B. Minimum distance to rear lot line: four feet if doors open on alley, none if no doors. (Ord. 06-10, 2006; prior code § 17-7-6)