Chapter 18.40


18.40.010    Uses and structures.

18.40.020    Use regulations.

18.40.030    Site plan approval.

18.40.040    Requirements.

18.40.050    Detached accessory buildings.

18.40.010 Uses and structures.

Within any Class R-2 residential district, no buildings, structures or premises shall be used, and no building or structure shall be erected, which shall be used except as permitted in this section, or for any other than the following specified purposes and uses:

A. All buildings or structures and all uses permitted in Class R-1 residential districts.

B. Two-family residences.

C. Public utility buildings, water-pumping plants and storage tanks, and electric substations serving district residents, but excluding repair or storage facilities in connection therewith. (Ord. 06-10, 2006; prior code § 17-8-1)

18.40.020 Use regulations.

Manufactured homes and mobile homes are not allowed to be installed within this zone. Any manufactured home or mobile home existing within this zone at the time of enactment of this provision is permitted to remain, provided it is occupied as a residence and in good repair. (Ord. 2019-02 § 2, 2019; Ord. 06-10, 2006; prior code § 17-8-2)

18.40.030 Site plan approval.

Site plan approval shall be obtained prior to any issuance of a building or use permit in R-2 residential district. (Ord. 06-10, 2006; prior code § 17-8-3)

18.40.040 Requirements.

A. Maximum building height: two stories or 30 feet.

B. Minimum lot width: 50 feet.

C. Minimum lot area per dwelling unit: 3,000 square feet.

D. Minimum front yard: 25 feet.

E. Maximum coverage of lot for all buildings: 40 percent of total lot area.

F. Main Buildings.

1. Minimum side yards: seven feet each.

2. Minimum rear yards: 20 feet.

G. Fences. See Section 18.100.100, Fences. (Ord. 06-10, 2006; prior code § 17-7-2)

18.40.050 Detached accessory buildings.

Same yards required as R-1 zone. (Ord. 06-10, 2006; prior code § 17-8-4)