1-22-1:    CREATION:


1-22-3:    DUTIES:

1-22-4:    ORGANIZATION:

1-22-5:    MEETINGS:


1-22-1 CREATION:

There is hereby created a Prescott Preservation Commission which shall consist of seven (7) members appointed by the council, who shall be residents of the City of Prescott. During the review process, one member from the district property owners’ committee as outlined in section 8.3 of the Prescott land development code within an established Prescott preservation district shall serve on the commission as a voting member. Members may continue to serve until their successors are duly appointed. (Ord. 4449, 1-11-2005; amd. Ord. 4739-1036, eff. 04-13-2010)


(A) Members: Seven (7) members shall be appointed by the mayor and city council. The members of the commission shall serve staggered terms of three (3) years, with terms to expire in March of the respective year.

All members of the commission shall have a demonstrated interest, experience or knowledge in at least one of the following: history, architectural history, architecture, historic interiors, historic architecture, planning, archaeology, historic archaeology, real estate, historic preservation, law, or another historic preservation related field. To the extent available in the community, at least two (2) members of the commission should be professionals from the disciplines of architecture, history, architectural history, planning, archaeology, or related historic preservation disciplines such as cultural geography or cultural anthropology.

(B) Compensation: Commission members shall serve without compensation.

(C) Absences: If any member shall be absent for more than two (2) consecutive meetings without notifying the chairman or the community services director, or shall be absent for more than thirty percent (30%) of all meetings during any one 12-month period for any reason, he or she shall thereupon automatically cease to hold membership on the Prescott preservation commission, without any further action being taken by either the commission or the city council. It shall be the responsibility of the chairman of the commission to so notify the city council immediately upon the creation of a vacancy pursuant to this section. Meetings as used in this section shall include all regular and special meetings, study sessions and field inspections. (Ord. 4072, 1-23-2001, eff. 1-28-2001; amd. Ord. 4739-1036, eff. 04-13-2010)

1-22-3 DUTIES:

It shall be the duty of the Prescott preservation commission to:

(A) Review applications to establish Prescott preservation districts and forward a recommendation to the city council. (Ord. 3329, eff. 3-28-1995)

(B) Review and approve, approve with conditions or disapprove plans to remodel, demolish, move or change the exterior appearance of any existing building within an established district and review plans to construct any new building, structure or sign in an established district. The design criteria of the district shall be used as a guideline for decisions.

(C) Engage professional architects, designers and/or planners as needed with approval of the city council.

(D) Advise property owners in a proposed district or from an established district of preservation methods and techniques.

(E) Perform other preservation functions as the city council may provide. (Ord. 1461, 8-11-1980)


The city council shall appoint a chairman and vice chairman in March of each year and shall prescribe their duties, as in its discretion deem required. (Ord. 1461, 8-11-1980; amd. Ord. 4739-1036, eff. 04-13-2010)

1-22-5 MEETINGS:

Meetings of the Prescott preservation commission shall be held at least once each month, provided, however, that special meetings may be called at any time by the chairman or by four (4) members of the said commission. (Ord. 1668, 2-27-1984)


The council by a majority vote shall have the authority to remove any member of the Prescott preservation commission from office whenever, in its discretion, the best interest of the city shall be served thereby. This authority to remove members shall not apply to the member from the district property owners’ committee. (Ord. 1461, 8-11-1980)