Chapter 2.35


2.35.010    Town magistrate.

2.35.020    Contract employment.

2.35.030    Absences and disability.

2.35.010 Town magistrate.

The town magistrate shall be the head of the municipal court department, the presiding officer of the magistrate court, and the powers and duties of the town magistrate shall be those set forth and conferred upon him or her as provided in the state constitution, state statutes, mandates of the Arizona supreme court, this code, and the ordinances and resolutions of the town; and the keeping of a docket in which shall be entered each action and the proceedings of the court. [Ord. 2016-111 § 2.]

2.35.020 Contract employment.

The council shall enter into an employment contract with the town magistrate(s), which shall be for a minimum period of two years, shall provide that the magistrate(s) may be removed during the term of the contract only for cause, and shall fix compensation and compensation increases for the term of the contract. This contract shall contain the employment conditions or duties that have been agreed to between the council and the town magistrate(s). In the event that the terms of the contract conflict with the town code, the contract shall prevail. [Ord. 2016-111 § 2.]

2.35.030 Absences and disability.

In the event the town magistrate plans to be temporarily absent from the town, or in the event of the disability of the town magistrate to the extent that he or she is temporarily unable to serve, the town magistrate shall be responsible for the provision of a judge pro tempore to serve as acting town magistrate until the town magistrate is again able to serve. [Ord. 2016-111 § 2.]