Chapter 2.30


2.30.010    Duties of the town attorney.

2.30.020    Contract employment.

2.30.030    Absences and disabilities.

2.30.010 Duties of the town attorney.

The town attorney shall be the head of the department of law, the chief legal officer of the town, and shall work under the general direction of the council to assure the town’s legal compliance, and to prosecute misdemeanors committed within the municipal boundaries. The town attorney shall prosecute and defend all suits, actions or causes where the town is a party and report to the council, when required, the condition of any suit or action to which the town is a party. The town attorney shall approve, as to form, all ordinances, resolutions, intergovernmental agreements, and contract documents, and in the case of intergovernmental agreements, shall further find whether the agreement is within the powers and authority of the town. The town attorney shall attend all council meetings unless excused by the mayor. [Ord. 2016-111 § 2.]

2.30.020 Contract employment.

The council shall enter into an employment contract with the town attorney. This contract shall contain the employment conditions or duties that have been agreed to between the council and the town attorney. In the event that the terms of the contract conflict with the town code, the contract shall prevail. [Ord. 2016-111 § 2.]

2.30.030 Absences and disabilities.

In the event the town attorney plans to be temporarily absent from the town, or in the event of the disability of the town attorney to the extent that he or she is temporarily unable to serve, the town attorney may designate a qualified attorney to serve as acting town attorney until the town attorney is again able to serve. In the event of an unexpected temporary absence or disability, the council may appoint an acting town attorney, who shall have all the powers of the town attorney. [Ord. 2016-111 § 2.]