Chapter 16.16


16.16.010    Purpose

16.16.020    Required Improvements

16.16.030    Engineering Plans

16.16.040    (Reserved)

16.16.050    Fences

16.16.060    Contract for Improvements

16.16.010 Purpose

This chapter establishes minimum acceptable standards for the improvement of streets and utilities; defines the responsibility of the subdivider in the planning, construction and financing of improvements; and establishes procedures for the review and approval of engineering plans. (Ord. 1244 (part), 2015: Ord. 920, 2003)

(Manual, Amended, 07/22/2003)

16.16.020 Required Improvements

It shall be the responsibility and the duty of the subdivider to improve or agree to improve all public improvements and other subdivision improvements as specified herein, in the subdivision and adjacent thereto as required to serve the subdivision. No permanent improvement work shall be commenced until improvement plans and profiles have been approved by the City. Improvements shall be installed to the permanent line and grade and to the satisfaction of the City Engineer, and in accordance with guidelines approved by the City for site development and infrastructure construction.

Cost of all inspections shall be paid by the subdivider.

Improvements include the following:

A.    Grading, curbs and gutters, paving, drainage, and drainage structures necessary for the proper use and drainage of streets, alleys, and pedestrian ways.

B.    Site grading and drainage, taking into consideration the drainage pattern of adjacent improved and unimproved property and treating upstream areas, where appropriate, as though fully improved.

C.    All streets, alleys, and pedestrian ways shall be constructed to widths and grades shown on the improvement plans and profiles. The subdivider shall improve the extension of all subdivision streets and pedestrian ways to any intersecting streets. Access to and within subdivisions shall be provided by paved streets improved to City standards.

D.    Sidewalks shall be installed as shown on the improvement plans and profiles in accordance with City standards.

E.    Sanitary sewer facilities connecting with the existing City sewer system shall be installed to serve the subdivision with a separate private lateral for each lot and to grades and sizes shown on the plans approved by the City of Winslow and the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ).

F.    Stormwater drains and detention facilities shall be installed as shown on the plans per City standards.

G.    All irrigation facilities to remain within the boundaries of the subdivisions or in an abutting one-half (1/2) street or alley right-of-way shall be lined or piped in accordance with the standards of the City and the owning agency and/or relocated as may be directed by the City and owning agency requirements.

H.    Water mains and fire hydrants connecting to the water system shall be installed per City standards and as per plans approved by the City and ADEQ. Mains and individual lot services shall be of sufficient size to furnish adequate water supply for each lot or parcel in the subdivision and to provide adequate fire protection.

I.    Street name signs and other traffic control devices shall be installed by the subdivider per City standards.

J.    Landscaping and irrigation systems shall be installed by the subdivider per City standards.

K.    Permanent barricades and traffic safety devices shall be placed as required by the City Engineer.

L.    Street lighting facilities shall be provided in accordance with the requirements of the City of Winslow and per City standards.

M.    All existing and proposed telephone, electric power, cable television, or other overhead wires or cables either within the development or within public rights-of-way immediately adjacent to the development shall be placed underground. Equipment appurtenant to the underground facilities, such as surface mounted transformers, pedestal cabinets and concealed ducts may be above ground, provided acceptable visual screening is provided. The subdivider shall make necessary arrangements with the parent utility companies for both the installation of new underground facilities and conversion of existing overhead facilities to underground facilities.

N.    Applications for waiver of the underground utility conversion requirements may only be made for electrical facilities with line voltage of sixty-nine thousand (69,000) volts or higher, and only at the time of the subdivision plat approval process. Each such application for waiver shall be considered individually and acted upon by the City Council in conjunction with the subdivision approval process.

O.    Provisions shall be made for any railroad crossings necessary to provide access to or circulation within the proposed subdivision, including grade crossing protections as may be required by the Arizona Corporation Commission.

P.    All public improvements shall comply with the requirements of the City of Winslow which include: Winslow Engineering Standards, the City of Winslow Amendments to MAG Standards, MAG Standards, Navajo County Engineering and Drainage Standards, ADOT and ADEQ, in order of precedence.

Q.    All underground installations shall be constructed prior to surfacing the street. Service stubs to platted lots within the subdivision for underground utilities shall be placed to such length as not to necessitate disturbance of street improvements when service connections are made.

R.    All private streets and utilities shall comply with the Winslow Engineering and ADEQ standards, as applicable. (Ord. 1244 (part), 2015: Ord. 1026, 2007; Ord. 920, 2003; prior code § 701(A)(1-7))

(Manual, Amended, 07/22/2003)

16.16.030 Engineering Plans

The subdivider shall be responsible for the preparation of complete engineering plans, prepared by an Arizona registered civil engineer, satisfactory to the City Engineer for construction of required improvements. The plans shall be based on the approved preliminary plat and be prepared in conjunction with the final plat.

The final plat shall not be presented to City Council until all engineering plans for water, sanitary sewer, grading, street construction, street lighting, landscaping, and all other required improvements have been approved by the City Engineer. (Ord. 1244 (part), 2015: Ord. 920, 2003)

(Manual, Amended, 07/22/2003)

16.16.040 (Reserved)

(Ord. 1244 (part), 2015: Prior code § 701(A)(9))

(Manual, Renumbered, 07/22/2003)

16.16.050 Fences

It is necessary that meandering open range animals be prevented from entering properties within the subdivision. When meandering open range animals are determined to pose a threat to a subdivision, the City may require the developing entity to provide and erect to the satisfaction of the City Engineer a stock-tight fence of acceptable material as defined in the Zoning Ordinance, cattle guards and/or gates across all roads or thoroughfares in the subdivision. These improvements shall be operated and maintained by the developer to prevent cattle access until the property is sold and then the maintenance responsibility is the homeowners’. This requirement of fencing and other cattle-related improvements and the transfer of responsibility of maintenance upon sale of property from developer to any other owner thereafter shall be included in all deeds and any subdivision prospectus and documents necessary to show and put said homeowner on notice that maintenance is the responsibility of the homeowner and not the City. (Ord. 1244 (part), 2015: Ord. 920, 2003; Ord. 584 § 1, 1988: prior code § 701(A)(10)

(Manual, Amended, 07/22/2003; Manual, Renumbered, 07/22/2003)

16.16.060 Contract for Improvements

Prior to the approval by the City Council of any final plat or the acceptance of the dedication of any of the streets, alleys or other public places shown thereon, the owner or subdivider shall enter into a development agreement with the City whereby such owner or subdivider shall agree to make all or such of the improvements mentioned in this section as may be required by the City Council upon approval of such final plat, within one (1) year after such approval. Such development agreement shall be in writing and filed with the City Clerk, and performance shall be secured by a faithful performance bond furnished by a qualified surety company in an amount not less than the estimated cost of making such improvements plus ten (10) percent. (Ord. 1244 (part), 2015: Ord. 920, 2003; prior code § 701(B))

(Manual, Amended, 07/22/2003; Manual, Renumbered, 07/22/2003)