Chapter 17.72


17.72.010    Procedure for Approval

17.72.020    Standards

17.72.030    Parking

17.72.040    Screening

17.72.050    Recreation Area

17.72.060    Private Streets

17.72.070    Manufactured Home Spaces

17.72.080    Accessory Uses

17.72.010 Procedure for Approval

A.    Manufactured home parks can be approved by the city as a conditional use (see Chapter 17.68).

B.    The application shall meet the specifications of this chapter and shall be processed in accordance with the city’s development procedures ordinance. (Ord. 900 2002, Ord. 736 Art. XIII § A, 1997)

(Manual, Amended, 12/12/2002)

17.72.020 Standards

A.    The minimum size shall be five acres unless otherwise recommended by the planning and zoning commission and approved by the city council.

B.    The location including the maximum length and width of any manufactured home shall be shown on the approved plan for each site.

C.    No manufactured home or accessory building may be located in any area not indicated on the approved plan.

D.    No manufactured home may be located any closer than sixteen (16) feet from another manufactured home.

E.    No manufactured home may be closer than eight feet to any property boundary.

F.    There shall be a minimum distance of twenty (20) feet between the front of the manufactured home and any private street.

G.    There shall be a minimum distance of twelve (12) feet between the side of a manufactured home and a private street.

H.    A minimum distance of twenty-five (25) feet shall exist between any mobile home and a public street.

I.    Access from any manufactured home site shall be limited to private streets provided within the manufactured home park. (Ord. 900 2002, Ord. 736 Art. XIII § B, 1997)

(Manual, Amended, 12/12/2002)

17.72.030 Parking

A.    Two parking spaces nine feet by eighteen (18) feet are required on each site for each unit.

B.    One guest parking space for each three manufactured home sites shall be provided in a common parking area. (Ord. 900 2002, Ord. 736 Art. XIII § C, 1997)

(Manual, Amended, 12/12/2002)

17.72.040 Screening

A.    All mobilehome or manufactured parks shall be screened from any adjacent non-mobilehome/manufactured home development or street with a masonry wall or adequate planting or solid material fence of six feet in height.

B.    If adjacent to a public street, the wall or fence must be a minimum of ten feet from the street curb. (Ord. 900 2002, Ord. 736 Art. XIII § D, 1997)

(Manual, Amended, 12/12/2002)

17.72.050 Recreation Area

A.    No less than ten percent of the gross site area shall be devoted to recreational facilities and common area.

B.    Recreation areas shall be provided in a central location.

C.    Recreation areas may include space for community buildings and community use facilities, such as indoor recreations areas, swimming pools, hobby and repair shops and service buildings.

D.    All recreation areas shall be landscaped and maintained. (Ord. 736 Art. XIII § E, 1997)

17.72.060 Private Streets

A.    All private streets shall be improved with a minimum paved width of thirty-two (32) feet.

B.    Street construction standards shall be the same as those for public streets and approved by the city.

C.    All mobilehome/manufactured home parks shall be provided with safe, convenient, paved vehicular access from abutting public streets.

D.    Access to each site shall be provided by private streets.

E.    Each mobilehome/manufactured home park shall have two direct connections to public streets as approved by the city.

F.    No mobilehome/manufactured home site shall have direct frontage on or direct access to a public street.

G.    A mobilehome/manufactured home park shall have a minimum frontage on a public street sufficient to provide for access into and out of the mobilehome/manufactured park.

H.    All private streets shall be properly lighted in accordance with a parking plan approved by the city.

I.    Each private street curb cut or access point shall be at least one hundred (100) feet from any intersection.

J.    All mobile home/manufactured home parks shall provide safe, convenient, hard surfaced, all season, pedestrian walkways of adequate width (not less than four feet) and allow access from each mobile home/manufactured home site to the recreation area facilities as well as walkways outside of the park. (Ord. 900 2002, Ord. 736 Art. XIII § F, 1997)

(Manual, Amended, 12/12/2002)

17.72.070 Manufactured Home Spaces

A.    The approved dimensions of each manufactured home site shall be marked on the ground by permanent metal stakes.

B.    Each manufactured home site shall be improved to provide adequate support for the placement and tiedowns of the manufactured home.

C.    Every manufactured home shall be equipped with tiedowns approved by the building inspector.

D.    Each manufactured home site shall be provided with an all weather outdoor living and service area exclusive of parking and/or storage areas.

1.    Such area shall be improved as necessary to assure reasonable privacy and comfort.

2.    The minimum area may not be less than three hundred (300) square feet with the least dimension a minimum of fifteen (15) feet.

E.    Each manufactured home site which shall include the manufactured home, off-street parking spaces, yards and outdoor living spaces, shall not be less than five thousand (5,000) square feet in area.

F.    All manufactured homes shall be skirted with fire-resistant material which is not susceptible to rapid weathering or shall be placed on a permanent foundation or stem wall.

G.    No material may be stored over or against a manufactured home.

H.    Manufactured home lots shall be kept free from open stored materials.

I.    No flammable materials shall be stored beneath manufactured homes.

J.    The maximum height for accessory buildings shall be fifteen (15) feet.

K.    No accessory building shall be used for sleeping, living or commercial purposes.

L.    Expandable sections of manufactured homes shall be considered a part of the manufactured home.

M.    Every manufactured home space shall be connected to electric power, city water supply, city sewage disposal, gas and telephone service lines in compliance with applicable city codes, and all utility distribution and service lines shall be installed underground. Every manufactured home shall at a minimum be connected to electric power, city water supply, and city sewage disposal. (Ord. 900 2002, Ord. 736 Art. XIII § G, 1997)

(Manual, Amended, 12/12/2002)

17.72.080 Accessory Uses

A maximum of one attached carport or enclosed garage, one attached cabana, ramada or covered patio, and one detached storage room per manufactured home. (Ord. 736 Art. XIII § H, 1997)