Chapter 17.76


17.76.010    Procedure for Approval

17.76.020    Standards

17.76.010 Procedure for Approval

A.    Recreation vehicle parks can be approved by the city as a conditional use permit (see Chapter 17.68).

B.    The application shall meet the specifications of this chapter and shall be processed in accordance with the city’s development procedures ordinance. (Ord. 736 Art. XIV § A, 1997)

17.76.020 Standards

A.    Recreational vehicle parks shall meet the approval of the county and Arizona State Health Code for the establishment of recreational vehicle (travel trailer) parks and campgrounds. A letter of approval from the State Department of Health Services shall be submitted with the application.

B.    Recreational vehicle parks shall meet the Standards for Fire Protection in Recreation Vehicle (Travel Trailer) Parks as cited in the National Fire Codes.

C.    A recreational vehicle park shall consist of a minimum of two and one-half acres unless otherwise recommended by the planning and zoning commission and approved by the city council.

D.    Each recreational park vehicle space shall have an area of not less than one thousand (1,000) square feet and a width of not less than twenty-five (25) feet.

E.    No direct access to an individual site shall be permitted from a public street.

F.    All interior drives and private access streets shall be a minimum width of twenty-four (24) feet.

G.    All roads and drives shall be graded and surfaced with a minimum of three inches of gravel or decomposed concrete aggregate.

H.    Minimum setback of recreational vehicle (trailer and towing vehicle) from any boundary line shall be eight feet except that minimum setback from any public street shall be twenty-five (25) feet.

I.    Minimum setback of recreational vehicle (trailer and towing vehicle) from any private access street shall be four feet; minimum distance between adjacent travel trailers shall be fifteen (15) feet.

J.    All public utilities shall be placed underground.

K.    A minimum of one canopy, shade tree shall be provided for every ten campsites. (Ord. 736 Art. XIV § B, 1997)