Chapter 4.01


4.01.010    Definitions.

4.01.020    Licenses required.

4.01.030    Business regulations.

4.01.010 Definitions.

The following definitions apply to the use of the terms for purposes of this chapter:

“Business” means any business, trade, occupation, practice or profession.

“Commercial” means operated or carried on primarily for financial gain.

“Escort” means any person who, for any commission, fee, gratuity, hire, profit, reward, or any other form of consideration:

1. Escorts, accompanies or consorts with another person to, from or about social affairs, entertainments, places of public assembly or places of amusement located or situated within the city;

2. Escorts, accompanies or consorts with another person in or about any place of public or private resort or within any private quarters located or situated within the city; or

3. Escorts, accompanies or consorts with another person in or about any business or commercial establishment, or part or portion thereof, located, or situated within the city.

“Established place of business” means the place where any person, firm or corporation conducts any retail or other establishment having a permanent address and being regularly open for business from day to day during ordinary business hours.

“Junk collector” or “junk dealer” means a collector or dealer in old cordage, wood, metal, glass, paper, rags, etc.

“Outdoor gathering” means any music festival, dance festival, public dance, show or similar gathering, at which music or entertainment is provided by professional or amateur performers, or by prerecorded means, which is held at any place other than in a public building or permanent installation, which permanent installation has been constructed for the purpose of or so constructed that it can be used for the conducting of such activities, as determined by the city manager, or his or her designee, to which members of the public are invited or admitted, either with or without charge and which is attended by more than 1,500 persons. Parades otherwise licensed by proper governmental authority are not included within this definition.

“Pawnbroker” means any person, partnership or corporation whose business is that of engaging in buying, selling, trading, taking in pawn, accepting for sale on consignment, accepting for auctioning or auctioning secondhand personal property.

“Person” means both the singular and the plural, and shall also mean and include person, individual, firm, corporation, co-partnership, association, club, society or any other organization.

“Poolroom” means any place open to the public where billiards, pool or bagatelle is played, except a private house and except the rooms of a bona fide fraternal organization, where the general public is allowed to play therein, whether any compensation or reward is charged for the use of such tables or not.

“Public dance” means a gathering of persons in or upon any premises where dancing is participated in, either as the main purpose of such gathering or incidental to some other purpose, and to which premises the public is admitted, either with or without charge, and to which not more than 2,500 persons shall be admitted.

“Security officer” means an individual engaged in the act of guarding property as the owner, member or employee of a security system.

“Security system” means any private service or private system which purports to furnish or does furnish to members or subscribers, any watchman or guard, either uniformed or otherwise, or any guard dog to patrol any part of the city or to guard or watch any property, including guarding against theft, fire, or both, or to perform any service usually and customarily performed by the city’s police personnel. “Security system” does not include the guarding of property of a single owner by one or more individuals who are employed by such owner.

“Taxicab stand” means the portion of a city street designated by the director of public works pursuant to this title for the use of taxicabs while waiting for employment. [Ord. 2012-145 § 1; Ord. 2011-136 § 4; Ord. 2010-126 § 1 (Exh. A)].

Cross-reference: definitions generally, AVMC 1.02.010.

4.01.020 Licenses required.

It shall be unlawful for any person, firm or corporation to engage in, conduct, manage or carry on any of the following businesses, practices, professions or occupations within the city without first having obtained a license therefor in accordance with Chapter 4.03 AVMC:

A. Escort services;

B. Gun dealer;

C. Junk collector or junk dealer;

D. Pawnbroker;

E. Poolroom;

F. Public dance;

G. Retail sale of firearms;

H. Security system;

I. Taxicab stand. [Ord. 2013-147 § 3; Ord. 2012-145 § 2; Ord. 2011-136 § 5; Ord. 2010-126 § 1 (Exh. A)].

Cross-reference: violations and penalties generally, Chapter 1.06 AVMC.

4.01.030 Business regulations.

The business regulations contained in this title shall apply to any business, occupation, practice, profession or trade specified in AVMC 4.01.020 conducted in the city, and provisions of this title applicable to specific businesses and/or activities shall apply to such businesses and/or activities whether or not a license from the city is required or obtained therefor, and whether carried on individually or in conjunction with any other activity. [Ord. 2010-126 § 1 (Exh. A)].