Chapter 2.90


2.90.010    Fees and mileage for jurors serving in superior and justice courts.

2.90.020    Payment of fees and mileage.

2.90.030    Reimbursements.

2.90.010 Fees and mileage for jurors serving in superior and justice courts.

The fee for grand and trial jurors in civil and criminal cases in the superior and justice courts is ten dollars for each day’s attendance as a juror.  Said jurors shall be reimbursed for mileage actually traveled in attending court as a juror, in going only, at the current rate established by the board of supervisors for county employees.  (Ord. 1115 §2, 1987).

2.90.020 Payment of fees and mileage.

The treasurer of the county shall pay said fees and mileage out of the general fund upon warrants drawn by the county auditor upon the written order of the judge of the court in which said juror was in attendance, and the treasurer shall pay said warrants.  (Ord. 1028 §1(part), 1984).

2.90.030 Reimbursements.

The county auditor is directed to apply for and obtain from the State Controller reimbursements for said fees in the amount of five dollars per day since the Legislature has appropriated funds from the state general fund to the Controller for allocation and disbursements to local agencies in accordance with Section 2231 of the Revenue and Taxation Code as reimbursements for costs mandated by the state to the extent of the difference between the existing compensation for trial jurors of five dollars per day and ten dollars per day.  (Ord. 1028 §1(part), 1984).