Chapter 7.40


7.40.010    Imposition of fees.

7.40.020    Fees.

7.40.030    Certificate required by federal, state or county law--Exception from fee.

7.40.010 Imposition of fees.

Each person requesting a certification by the agricultural commissioner of the county pursuant to the provisions of Article 4.5 (commencing with Section 29111) of Chapter 1 of Division 13 of the California Agricultural Code of the condition of apiaries in the county which are to be transported to another state or county shall pay to the county the fees established by this chapter.  The fees shall be paid to the county agricultural commissioner prior to the issuance of the certificate.  (Ord. 583 §1, 1977).

7.40.020 Fees.

The fees established by this chapter shall be as follows:  to reimburse the county for the time consumed the time of travel to and from the inspection site, ten dollars per hour; and fifteen cents per mile traveled from the agricultural commissioner’s office to the site of the inspection and return.  (Ord. 583 §2, 1977).

7.40.030 Certificate required by federal state or county law--Exception from fee.

No fee shall be charged for certification required by any law, regulation, or requirement of the United States or of this county.  (Ord. 583 §3, 1977).