Chapter 7.88


7.88.010    Definitions.

7.88.020    Transmittal of application to public works agency.

7.88.030    Imposition of mitigation measures.

7.88.040    Requirement that fee be paid before permit is issued.

7.88.010 Definitions.

For the purpose of this chapter, the words set out in this section shall have the following meanings:

"Agency" means any county officer, department, body, commission or board approving a development project. "Development project" means any new residential, commercial, agricultural or industrial development which requires the issuance of a permit (except encroachment permits) or approval in any form from the county, including, but not limited to, subdivision maps, parcel maps, conditional use permits and building permits for new construction.

"Fee" means the amount charged by the public works agency to an applicant in connection with the review and/or approval of a development project which amount shall be calculated in the manner set forth in Section 17.40.010 of this code.

"Rock Creek drainage basin" means that area in Martell which drains into Rock Creek drainage facilities at the Amador Plaza filed with the county building department.

"Reasonable mitigation measures" shall consist of an engineered drainage study identifying pre- and post-development runoff and methods to detain the increased flow on site and the improvements approved by the county consistent therewith.  (Ord. 1567 (part), 2003).

7.88.020 Transmittal of application to public works agency.

At the time any application for a development project subject to this chapter is submitted to the agency, the agency shall transmit the application to the public works agency for review of the proposed development project for its drainage impacts and advise the applicant of the requirements of the chapter.  (Ord. 1567 (part), 2003).

7.88.030 Imposition of mitigation measures.

Whenever a development project within the Rock Creek drainage basin is approved by any agency, the public works agency shall impose on said development project mitigation measures sufficient to mitigate the development project’s potential to flood Amador Plaza in the event of a one hundred-year flood event.  (Ord. 1567 (part), 2003).

7.88.040 Requirement that fee be paid before permit is issued.

No building, grading or other permit (excluding encroachment permit) shall be issued by any agency, including the county building department or public works agency, until the fee imposed on the development project by the public works agency (and any other county fee) has been paid.  No final permit or permit to occupy shall be issued until all mitigation measures approved by the public works agency have been completed and approved.  (Ord. 1567 (part), 2003).