Chapter 17.94


17.94.010    Purpose.

17.94.020    Definition of merger.

17.94.030    Merger procedure.

17.94.040    Merger form.

17.94.050    Procedure to remove notice of merger.

17.94.010 Purpose.

This chapter is adopted for the purpose of allowing owners of contiguous parcels or units of land to apply for a merger of those parcels or units of land into one parcel which, when recorded, will impart constructive notice of such merger.  (Ord. 854 §2(part), 1982).

17.94.020 Definition of merger.

Where two or more contiguous parcels or units of land held by the same owner do not conform to standards to permit use or development under Amador County ordinances and where a reversion to acreage is found by the county not to be necessary or desirable, then such parcels or units of land may be merged for the purposes of this chapter.  (Ord. 854 §2(part), 1982).

17.94.030 Merger procedure.

The owner of contiguous parcels or units of land shall be the only party which may request merger.  Said board may decide to have said merger filed for record only after a public hearing, thirty days’ notice of which is given to the owner of the parcels or units to be affected by the merger.  Said notice shall be in writing and shall state the intention of said board to record the notice and specifying a time, date, and place at which the owner may present evidence to the board of supervisors why such notice should or should not be recorded.  (Ord. 854 §2(part), 1982).

17.94.040 Merger form.

The Amador County surveyor shall prepare a form to record mergers and an application form and shall be responsible for processing notice of mergers pursuant to this chapter.  The fee charged by the county surveyor for reviewing each merger accomplished by recording a notice of merger or survey map shall be as established by resolution of the board of supervisors.  (Ord. 1628 §2(part), 2005).

17.94.050 Procedure to remove notice of merger.

Whenever the owner of property subject to a recorded notice of merger desires to remove the notice of merger, an application for a tentative land division map shall be required pursuant to Title 17 of the Amador County Ordinance Code.  The filing of a parcel map with the county recorder may be waived in accordance with Section 66428 of the Government Code (Subdivision Map Act).  (Ord. 854 §2(part), 1982).