Sec. 10500 Definitions.

As used in this Chapter, the following words and terms shall have the following meanings:

Camp Car: Camp car is a vehicle with or without motor power which is designed for or used for human habitation, and includes those vehicles commonly referred to as pickup campers.

Mobile Home: Mobile home is a vehicle designed and equipped for human habitation and for being drawn by a motor vehicle.

Recreational Vehicle: Recreational vehicle is a camp car, mobile home, travel trailer or tent trailer with or without motor power, designed for or used for human habitation for recreational or emergency occupancy only.

Self-Contained: Self-contained, when applied to camp cars, mobile homes, travel trailers and recreational vehicles means that said vehicle is equipped with a toilet, water storage tank for potable water and a sewage holding tank.

Travel Trailer: Travel trailer is a vehicle other than a motor vehicle which is designed or used for human habitation and which may be moved upon a public highway without a special permit or chauffeur’s license or both without violating any provision of the Vehicle Code.

Sec. 10501 Use of City property prohibited.

It shall be unlawful for the owner, operator, and/or occupant of any camp car, mobile home, tent trailer, travel trailer, or recreational vehicle, to occupy, or permit the occupancy, thereof while the same is located upon any property owned by the City of Arcata, except on the terms and conditions as are set forth in this Chapter.

Sec. 10502 Regulations to apply.

The City Manager of the City of Arcata may from time to time establish upon real property owned by the City of Arcata areas designated for use by camp cars, mobile homes, travel trailers, tent trailers and recreational vehicles, and when so designated the following rules shall apply:

A.    The owner, operator or occupant of such vehicle shall apply at the Police Department of the City of Arcata for a permit to occupy said vehicle within the designated area. Said application shall be made upon forms furnished for that purpose by the Police Department, and said permit shall be obtained upon the designated area.

B.    No permit shall be issued for any such vehicle unless the same is a self-contained vehicle as is defined in this Chapter.

C.    Any permit issued shall be valid for a period of 48 hours from the time the same is issued, and only one permit within any 7 day period shall be issued to any one applicant. Should the holder of any permit allow such vehicle to remain upon said designated area beyond the expiration time of said permit, or fail to obtain said permit, it shall be a violation of Section 10501, Arcata Municipal Code.