Chapter 17.112


17.112.010    Purposes and applicability.

17.112.020    Prerequisites for review.

17.112.030    Review requirements.

17.112.040    Initiation of development plan review.

17.112.050    Required plans and materials.

17.112.060    Development plan review procedures.

17.112.070    Appeals.

17.112.010 Purposes and applicability.

To ensure that new development complies with all applicable requirements of this title, development plans shall be reviewed prior to issuance of a building permit. (Ord. 87-4 N.S., 1987).

17.112.020 Prerequisites for review.

The development plan shall not be accepted for review until all discretionary approvals are effective, unless an applicant selects the fast-tracking option prescribed in BMC 17.112.060(A). (Ord. 87-4 N.S, 1987).

17.112.030 Review requirements.

Development plans shall be reviewed by the community development director. (Ord. 87-4 N.S., 1987).

17.112.040 Initiation of development plan review.

Development plan review shall be initiated by the property owner or an authorized agent by filing, with the community development director, two copies of all plans and materials specified in BMC 17.112.050. (Ord. 87-4 N.S., 1987).

17.112.050 Required plans and materials.

The following plans and materials shall be submitted; provided, that the community development director may waive submission of items deemed unnecessary to determine compliance with applicable requirements of this title:

A. A fully dimensioned site plan showing:

1. The architect’s or designer’s name, address, and telephone number,

2. Scale of plan and north arrow,

3. Street address of site and vicinity map showing the relationship of the site to the surrounding area,

4. Existing and proposed property lines, right-of-way lines, dedications, and easements,

5. Locations of existing and proposed structures, driveways, walks and open spaces, and

6. Locations, heights, and materials of existing and proposed walls and fences;

B. A statement describing the proposed use and calculations in tabular form showing compliance with applicable density, coverage, parking, and open space regulations;

C. A fully dimensioned landscape plan if required by BMC 17.70.190;

D. A grading plan showing proposed changes in grade and the total volume of land to be cut or filled, with proposed drainage patterns indicated by arrows;

E. A fully dimensioned parking and loading plan showing:

1. Locations and dimensions of all parking and loading spaces, driveways and vehicular entrances, with proposed traffic circulation patterns indicated by arrows, and

2. Calculations showing the number of parking and loading spaces required by size and the number proposed;

F. Elevations of proposed structures, showing exterior wall openings and describing exterior materials;

G. Floor plans showing the proposed use and exterior wall openings;

H. Locations, dimensions, and heights of all signs. (Ord. 87-4 N.S., 1987).

17.112.060 Development plan review procedures.

A. Fast-Tracking Option. Development plan review may be concurrent with one or more discretionary approvals, including use permits, variances, and design review, as prescribed by BMC 17.112.020, if an applicant requests fast-tracking and acknowledges in writing an understanding of the risk of loss if development plans are disapproved or substantial redesign is required.

B. Normal Review. The community development director shall check the plans for compliance with:

1. Standards and requirements of this title;

2. Conditions of approval established by the community development director, planning commission, historic preservation review commission, or the city council.

The community development director shall notify the applicant of any changes required to achieve compliance with applicable standards and requirements and conditions of approval. Upon receipt of evidence that the project will achieve compliance, the director shall signify approval by signing a development plan approval form that shall be incorporated in the master set of plans to be kept on file in the planning department. (Ord. 13-07 § 2; Ord. 87-4 N.S., 1987).

17.112.070 Appeals.

A decision disapproving plans may be appealed under the procedures established in Chapter 1.44 BMC. (Ord. 07-68 § 1; Ord. 87-4 N.S., 1987).