Chapter 11.30


11.30.010    County map.

11.30.020    Notification.

11.30.030    Number placement.

11.30.040    Deadlines.

11.30.050    Violations.

11.30.060    Number placement by city – Collection of costs.

11.30.010 County map.

Heretofore the city council of the city of Biggs has adopted Ordinance No. 213 whereby the city of Biggs adopted the plan for street names as set forth in Butte County Ordinance No. 1874 and in accordance therewith the city of Biggs adopts house numbering, building numbering, and lot numbering according to the plan outlined therein. The city of Biggs does hereby adopt the address area of its corporate boundary as identified in the Butte County Address Area Map approved by the Butte County board of supervisors on October 18, 1977. [Ord. 223 § 2, 1980]

11.30.020 Notification.

In accordance therewith, the city clerk of the city of Biggs is directed to notify each real property owner of the number assigned to his or her properties. [Ord. 223 § 3, 1980]

11.30.030 Number placement.

Said numbers shall be placed at the entrance to each and every building, or if no building exists shall be painted upon the curb if a curb exists, in letters not less than three inches in height and plainly visible from the street. [Ord. 223 § 4, 1980]

11.30.040 Deadlines.

All numbers shall be in place not later than June 30, 1980, and it shall be the responsibility and liability of each real property owner to erect the number assigned to him or her, as specified herein. [Ord. 223 § 5, 1980]

11.30.050 Violations.

Failure of a property owner to number his or her properties in accordance with this chapter shall constitute an infraction and shall be punishable as such. Each day after June 30, 1980, in which a number is not placed upon the real property in accordance with this chapter shall constitute a separate offense. [Ord. 223 § 6, 1980]

11.30.060 Number placement by city – Collection of costs.

If after being cited to court a property owner nevertheless fails to number his or her properties, then the city of Biggs shall erect suitable numbers upon the property and bill the property owner for the whole of the expense therefor, including costs of materials, time of employees, plus all incidental costs of overhead incurred. If the billing is not paid within 30 days by the real property owner, the city of Biggs shall bring suit and place a lien against the property for its costs. [Ord. 223 § 7, 1980]