Chapter 11.35


11.35.010    Purpose.

11.35.020    Construction standards.

11.35.030    Variance.

11.35.040    Penalties.

*Prior legislation: Ord. 309.

11.35.010 Purpose.

For purposes of promoting the public health, safety and general welfare, and more specifically for the purpose of providing present and future residents of the city of Biggs a suitable living environment and maintaining certain minimum building standards for residential dwellings, the following standards are hereby established for installation of manufactured homes within R-1 and R-2 zoning districts of the city of Biggs. [Ord. 313 § 1, 1997]

11.35.020 Construction standards.

(1) Installation and Foundations. All manufactured homes to be installed within R-1 and R-2 zoning districts within the city of Biggs shall be installed subject to the following requirements as established within the California Government Code Title 25, Section 1333:

(a) Manufactured housing units shall be placed upon permanent foundation systems approved by the State Department of Housing and Community Development or approved by a California licensed architect or professional engineer.

(b) A building permit shall be obtained from the city of Biggs or its authorized agent (Butte County building division) for the installation of a permanent foundation for a manufactured home.

(c) Foundation systems shall include permanent skirting enclosing the entire foundation area of the manufactured housing unit. Specific design of skirting shall be specified on plans submitted for foundation building permits.

(2) Roofing, Eaves and Overhangs.

(a) Roof materials shall be of tile, wood or composition shingles or of other materials customarily used for conventional residential structures in the surrounding area.

(b) Roof construction shall have eaves and gable overhangs of not less than 18 inches as measured from the vertical side of the structure, or that which is customarily found on new residential structures in the surrounding area.

(3) Manufacture Date. Pursuant to Government Code Section 65852.4, no manufactured home shall be installed within the city of Biggs if the manufacture date of the home is greater than 10 years prior to the date of application for building permit for permanent foundation.

(4) Other Applicable Zoning Ordinances. All ordinances applicable to typical residential dwelling units within the R-1 and R-2 zoning districts, including requirements for setbacks, public utilities, and residential development standards, shall also apply to installation of manufactured homes. [Ord. 313 § 2, 1997]

11.35.030 Variance.

Variance from this chapter shall be granted only in conformity with Government Code Section 65900 and following appeal to the planning commission, and upon showing of special circumstances as provided by Government Code Section 65906. Pursuant to Section 65091 of the Government Code, notice shall be mailed to the owners of all properties within 300 feet of the property for which the variance is sought. [Ord. 313 § 3, 1997]

11.35.040 Penalties.

Any violation of this chapter shall be deemed an infraction and shall be punishable by a fine. [Ord. 313 § 4, 1997]