Chapter 1.30


1.30.010    Date of general municipal elections.

1.30.020    Applicability of California Elections Code.

1.30.030    Effect on elected city officers.

1.30.010 Date of general municipal elections.

Pursuant to provisions of Government Code Section 36503.5(a)(1), all general municipal elections shall be held on the same day as the statewide general election, as set forth in Section 1301 of the California Elections Code, and shall be consolidated with the statewide general election held on that day. (Ord. 779 § 1, 1995)

1.30.020 Applicability of California Elections Code.

When a municipal election is held in the city and the election is consolidated with another election, the provisions contained in Part 3 (commencing with Section 10400) of Division 10, except Section 10403, of the California Elections Code shall govern the consolidation; and, if the county elections official is requested to conduct the municipal election, Section 10002 of the California Elections Code shall be applicable to that election. (Ord. 779 § 1, 1995)

1.30.030 Effect on elected city officers.

Those city officers whose terms of office would otherwise expire in April of 1996, shall instead expire on the Tuesday succeeding the general municipal election in November, 1996, and terms of those council members elected in April of 1994 shall expire on the Tuesday succeeding the general municipal election of November, 1998, if election results have been certified by those dates; if not, on the first Thursday that follows the certification of the election results by four or more days. (Ord. 779 § 1, 1995)