Chapter 1.20


1.20.010    Land use permits – Definition.

1.20.020    Land use permits – Who may apply.

1.20.030    Transferability of land use permits.

1.20.010 Land use permits – Definition.

Permits issued under Titles 15, 16 and 17 of this code, for purposes of this chapter, will be collectively referred to as “land use permits.” Land use permits will only be issued to the following:

A. The owners of the beneficial interest of the subject real property;

B. Persons having leasehold interests of sufficient duration, such that it is appropriate for them to be the holders of the permit in question;

C. Other instances where the context of the particular provisions of this code makes it apparent that the permit under consideration is intended for persons other than owners or long-term lease holders. (Ord. 657 (part), 1988)

1.20.020 Land use permits – Who may apply.

Planning, building and fire departments may refuse to process land use applications if the applicant cannot present adequate proof that the person(s) submitting the application are, or are the authorized agent of, the person(s) set forth in Section 1.20.010. (Ord. 657 (part), 1988)

1.20.030 Transferability of land use permits.

The transference of the ownership, leasehold, or other interest that entitled the original recipient of a land use permit to receive the permit, will result in transference of the permit subject to the following condition: the new owner of the permit must agree in writing, delivered to the city and in a form acceptable to the city attorney, to abide by all outstanding conditions related to the particular land use permit. (Ord. 657 (part), 1988)