Chapter 4.06


4.06.010    Administrative remedies.

4.06.020    Declaration of purpose.

4.06.030    Authority.

4.06.010 Administrative remedies.

Chapters 4.06 through 4.26 establish optional administrative enforcement remedies available to the city for violations of this code and applicable state codes. The general remedies include mediation, facilitation, issuance and recordation of notices of violation, administrative civil penalties, administrative citations, summary abatement, and administrative abatement. Chapters 4.20 and 4.22 govern the procedures for appeals and hearings relating to these administrative remedies. (Ord. 852 § 2, 2003)

4.06.020 Declaration of purpose.

The city council finds that there is a need for a variety of administrative remedies that do not require the city to file court actions to initiate enforcement of violations of this code and applicable state codes. The procedures established by these administrative remedies are in addition to any other legal remedy established by law, which may be pursued to address code and applicable state code violations. (Ord. 852 § 2, 2003)

4.06.030 Authority.

Whenever the city, through one of its department heads or enforcement officials, determines that a violation of this code or applicable state code exists, the city may pursue any of the administrative remedies outlined in Chapters 4.06 through 4.26. (Ord. 852 § 2, 2003)