Chapter 5.12


5.12.010    Hours.

5.12.020    Permit – Required.

5.12.030    Permit – Holder identification.

5.12.040    Use of house players prohibited.

5.12.050    Alcoholic beverages prohibited.

5.12.060    Loitering prohibited.

5.12.070    Enforcement.

5.12.080    License – Required.

5.12.090    License – Application.

5.12.100    License – Violation investigation.

5.12.110    License – Revocation.

5.12.120    License – Revocation appeal.

5.12.130    License – Transfer.

5.12.140    Minors.

5.12.150    Penalty for violation.

5.12.010 Hours.

Card tables or card rooms may not operate between the hours of one a.m. and six a.m. (Ord. 186 § 1, 1962)

5.12.020 Permit – Required.

All persons, including proprietors and dealers, deriving any benefits, salary, wages or other compensation from the operation of any card games, must receive a permit for such activities from the city, said permit to be issued by the chief of police. Said permit shall not be issued until a clearance of the applicant has been issued by the chief of police. Said clearance shall not be issued to any person who has been convicted of a felony or of a crime involving moral turpitude. The chief of police shall maintain a record of all persons who have received said permits, including their fingerprints and photographs. (Ord. 186 § 2, 1962)

5.12.030 Permit – Holder identification.

Each person who has received a permit as described in this chapter shall at all times, while in or about premises where card games are played or are in progress, wear an identifying badge, approved by the chief of police, and bearing on its face a legend, identifying the bearer. It shall be a misdemeanor and cause for revocation of said permit for any permittee to be present upon premises where card games, are played without the identifying card in his or her possession. (Ord. 186 § 3, 1962)

5.12.040 Use of house players prohibited.

On any premises licensed for the purpose of card games, it shall be illegal for any owner or manager to allow house players, shills or dummies to engage in card games. Violation of this provision shall constitute a misdemeanor and be cause for revocation of permit and/or license. (Ord. 186 § 4, 1962)

5.12.050 Alcoholic beverages prohibited.

It is illegal to sell, serve or permit to be sold, served or consumed, alcoholic beverages, within any room wherein card games are played. (Ord. 186 § 5, 1962)

5.12.060 Loitering prohibited.

It is illegal and cause for revocation of permit and/or license to permit persons to loiter within rooms wherein card games are played while such card games are in progress, or to permit any intoxicated person on the premises. (Ord. 186 § 6, 1962)

5.12.070 Enforcement.

The chief of police and all police officers of the city shall have and exercise the power to make arrests for the violation of any of the provisions of the chapter and to enter, free of charge, at any time, any place of business for which a license is required by this chapter and to demand the exhibition of such license for the current term by any person engaged or employed in the transaction of such business; and if such person then and there fails to exhibit such license, such person shall be liable to the penalty provided for a violation of this chapter. (Ord. 186 § 7, 1962)

5.12.080 License – Required.

No person shall conduct any business in the city without having an unrevoked license from the city so to do, valid and in effect at the time, and without complying with any and all regulations of such business contained in this chapter. (Ord. 186 § 8, 1962)

5.12.090 License – Application.

A. The applicant shall make a written application to the city clerk for a license.

B. The application shall state the particular place and building where the business is to be carried on.

C. Upon the presentation of such application the city clerk shall request the chief of police to fully investigate the applicant as provided for in this chapter, and whether the place described in said application is a proper or suitable place for such business and conforms to the requirements of this chapter. (Ord. 186 § 9, 1962)

5.12.100 License – Violation investigation.

Any person to whom a license has been granted, who does not conduct the business authorized by said license, in a quiet and orderly and reputable manner, and who permits any disturbance of the public order or decorum by any noisy, riotous or disorderly conduct on the premises or permits any lewd, dissolute or intoxicated person to be or remain on the premises, where such business is carried on, or who permits gambling to be carried on, on said premises, or who does not abide by all laws and ordinances now in force or which may hereinafter be enacted regulating places of business of this character, shall forfeit his or her license, and it shall be the duty of the chief of police to file with the city clerk a complaint against any person whom he or she has reason to believe is guilty of any of the acts or neglects specified in this chapter. Any such complaint may likewise be made by any elector or other person in the city. (Ord. 186 § 10, 1962)

5.12.110 License – Revocation.

Upon the filing of such complaint, the city clerk shall investigate the complaint in a summary manner after ten days’ notice to the person complained against, and shall have the power for cause to revoke at any time any license granted under the provisions of this chapter. If upon such investigation the city clerk shall find that the complaint is well founded and that the charges made are true, he or she shall so declare in writing, and shall revoke the license theretofore granted to said person and said license shall henceforth be without force and effect, and the decision of the city clerk in regard to the investigation shall be final and in case of such revocation, the city clerk shall immediately give notice thereof stating the cause to the person whose license has been revoked. (Ord. 186 § 11, 1962)

5.12.120 License – Revocation appeal.

Any revocation ordered under Section 5.12.110 may be appealed to the city council by written request to the city clerk. The city council shall set the matter for hearing at its next regular meeting unless good cause is shown. (Ord. 186 § 12, 1962)

5.12.130 License – Transfer.

Licenses issued under this chapter shall be good only as it applies to the persons to whom it is issued and for the location specified therein. No license issued under this chapter shall be assigned or transferred except by the permission of the city clerk; before said permission can be granted the would-be assignee must apply for a license in the manner described in this chapter, and the city clerk shall investigate and pass upon the same according to the rule laid down in this section. (Ord. 186 § 13, 1962)

5.12.140 Minors.

No person under the age of twenty-one years shall enter, remain or loiter in, or be permitted to enter, remain or loiter within rooms wherein card games are played while such card games are in progress. (Ord. 186 § 14, 1962)

5.12.150 Penalty for violation.

Every person, firm or corporation violating any of the provisions of this chapter shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor and upon conviction shall be punishable by a fine of not more than five hundred dollars, or by imprisonment in the county jail for a period of not more than six months, or by both such fine and imprisonment. (Ord. 186 § 16, 1962)