Chapter 8.64


8.64.010    Purpose.

8.64.020    Area of regulations.

8.64.030    Water sports equipment defined.

8.64.040    Chief of police to create areas and times of regulation.

8.64.050    Order to leave waters.

8.64.060    Prohibition.

8.64.010 Purpose.

The purpose of this chapter is to provide regulations to prevent hazardous conflicts from arising between persons engaging in water sports by use of water sports equipment, other persons making use of the beaches, ocean and Soquel Creek. (Ord. 821 (part), 2001)

8.64.020 Area of regulations.

The regulations allowed by this chapter may pertain to any public beach in the city, to any portion of Soquel Creek located within the city, or the waters of the Pacific Ocean, which are under the jurisdiction of the city. (Ord. 821 (part), 2001)

8.64.030 Water sports equipment defined.

“Water sports equipment” means any sailboard, surfboard, paddleboard, skim board, belly board, kayak, or any similar object made entirely or partially of wood, metal, glass, hard plastic or any other hard substance. (Ord. 821 (part), 2001)

8.64.040 Chief of police to create areas and times of regulation.

The chief of police, or authorized agent, may designate the following areas:

A. Areas within which no use of water sports equipment, or particular kind of water sports equipment is allowed.

B. Areas in which only persons engaging in one or more designated water sports are allowed. The chief of police, or authorized agent, is also authorized and directed to fix the times during which such prohibitions will and will not apply and to create suitable means by which the public will be notified of the boundaries of any areas, the regulations that apply to any such areas, and the time during which such regulations apply. (Ord. 821 § 1, 2001)

8.64.050 Order to leave waters.

In addition to the authority prescribed above, lifeguards and other designated agents of the chief of police shall have the authority to order persons to leave the waters of the Pacific Ocean when any such official reasonably believes that is necessary for safety reasons. (Ord. 821 (part), 2001)

8.64.060 Prohibition.

It is a violation, punishable as provided in Section 1.01.090 and Title 4 of this code, for any person to violate the orders or directives authorized by this chapter. (Ord. 955 § 10, 2011; Ord. 821 (part), 2001)