Chapter 8.68


8.68.010    Firearms dealer responsibilities.

8.68.020    Penalty.

8.68.010 Firearms dealer responsibilities.

All “dealers” (as defined in Penal Code Section 12071) and employees of “dealers” are prohibited from the following:

A. Selling, giving, lending or transferring ownership of, any firearm, without equipping that firearm with an effective trigger lock. “Effective” means a device, which has been approved by the chief of police as being adequate to prevent the unintentional discharge of the firearm.

B. Selling, giving, lending, or transferring ownership of, any firearm, without providing to the person to whom the firearm is transferred printed material that advises the user on safe storage practices. (Ord. 822 (part), 2001)

8.68.020 Penalty.

Any person violating Section 8.68.010 is punishable as provided in Section 1.01.090 and Title 4 of this code. (Ord. 955 § 11, 2011; Ord. 822 (part), 2001)