Chapter 16.04


16.04.010    Citations to Government Code.

16.04.020    Adoption by reference.

16.04.010 Citations to Government Code.

A. The format of this title is designed to be coordinated with the numbering of the Subdivision Map Act.

B. Parallel citations from the Government Code can be determined by adding the numbers “664” immediately preceding the section number found in the ordinance codified in this title. Thus, Section 11 of Ordinance 483 will find its parallel in Government Code Section 66411. (Ord. 483 § 1(A), 1980)

16.04.020 Adoption by reference.

Where a Government Code section is self-explanatory, it has been made a part of this title by means of the following language:

“Government Code incorporated by reference.” Such incorporation by reference is intended to include future amendments of the Subdivision Map Act by the California Legislature, as well as the wording of the particular Government Code section at the time of passage of the ordinance codified in this title. Where necessary, explanatory language has been included in any section of this title which incorporates a Government Code section by reference. (Ord. 483 § 1(B), 1980)