Chapter 17.132


17.132.010    Purpose.

17.132.020    Types of sign permits.

17.132.030    When required.

17.132.040    Review authority.

17.132.050    Application submittal and review.

17.132.060    Public notice and hearing.

17.132.070    Findings for approval.

17.132.080    Conditions of approval.

17.132.090    Post-decision procedures.

17.132.010 Purpose.

This chapter establishes the process for obtaining a sign permit. A sign permit is a discretionary action that enables the city to ensure that a proposed sign is consistent with all general plan and local coastal program land use plan goals and policies and will not create negative impacts to adjacent properties or the general public. (Ord. 1043 § 2 (Att. 2), 2020)

17.132.020 Types of sign permits.

The zoning code establishes two types of sign permits: sign permits reviewed and approved by the planning commission and administrative sign permits reviewed and approved by the community development director. (Ord. 1043 § 2 (Att. 2), 2020)

17.132.030 When required.

A sign permit is required for types of signs identified in Section 17.80.030 (Permit requirements). (Ord. 1043 § 2 (Att. 2), 2020)

17.132.040 Review authority.

A. The planning commission takes action on all sign permit applications.

B. The community development director takes action on all administrative sign permit applications. (Ord. 1043 § 2 (Att. 2), 2020)

17.132.050 Application submittal and review.

An application for a sign permit shall be filed and reviewed in compliance with Chapter 17.112 (Permit Application and Review). The application shall include the information and materials required by the community development department together with all required application fees. It is the responsibility of the applicant to provide evidence in support of the findings required by Section 17.132.070 (Findings for approval). (Ord. 1043 § 2 (Att. 2), 2020)

17.132.060 Public notice and hearing.

A. The planning commission shall review and act on a sign permit at a noticed public hearing in compliance with Chapter 17.148 (Public Notice and Hearings).

B. No public hearing is required for an administrative sign permit. (Ord. 1043 § 2 (Att. 2), 2020)

17.132.070 Findings for approval.

The reviewing authority may approve a sign permit if all of the following findings can be made:

A. The proposed signs are consistent with the general plan, local coastal program, zoning code, and any applicable specific plan or area plan adopted by the city council.

B. The proposed signs comply with all applicable standards in Chapter 17.80 (Signs).

C. The proposed sign will not adversely impact the public health, safety, or general welfare.

D. The number, size, placement, design, and material of the proposed signs are compatible with the architectural design of buildings on the site.

E. The proposed signs are restrained in character and no larger than necessary for adequate identification. (Ord. 1043 § 2 (Att. 2), 2020)

17.132.080 Conditions of approval.

The review authority may attach conditions of approval to a sign permit to achieve consistency with the general plan, local coastal program, zoning code, and any applicable specific plan or area plan adopted by the city council. (Ord. 1043 § 2 (Att. 2), 2020)

17.132.090 Post-decision procedures.

A. Planning commission decisions on sign permits may be appealed to the city council as described in Chapter 17.152 (Appeals).

B. Community development director decisions on administrative sign permits may be appealed to the planning commission as described in Chapter 17.152 (Appeals).

C. Post-decision procedures and requirements in Chapter 17.156 (Post-Decision Procedures) apply to sign permits. (Ord. 1043 § 2 (Att. 2), 2020)