Chapter 17.30


17.30.010    Applicability.

17.30.020    Purpose.

17.30.030    Architectural and site approval.

17.30.040    Conditionally permitted uses – Monarch Cove Inn.

17.30.050    Accessory uses.

17.30.060    Height.

17.30.070    Lot area.

17.30.080    Lot coverage.

17.30.090    Yards.

17.30.100    Parking.

17.30.110    Loading areas.

17.30.120    Landscaping and lighting.

17.30.010 Applicability.

The regulations set forth in this chapter apply to the Monarch Cove Inn parcels. (Res. 4223, 2021)

17.30.020 Purpose.

The purpose of the V-S district is to accommodate the visiting public with a range of opportunities to enjoy the city of Capitola’s coastal location. (Res. 4223, 2021)

17.30.030 Architectural and site approval.

A design permit shall be secured for the establishment and conduct of any conditional or accessory use in a V-S district as provided in Chapter 17.120. (Res. 4223, 2021)

17.30.040 Conditionally permitted uses – Monarch Cove Inn.

The following are the conditionally permitted uses allowed on the Monarch Cove Inn parcels and the portion of parcel 036-142-28 that is located between the two Monarch Cove Inn parcels:

A. Accessory structures and accessory uses appurtenant to any conditionally allowed use;

B. Hotels, motels, hostels, inns; bed and breakfast lodging;

C. Food service related to lodging;

D. Assemblages of people, such as festivals, not exceeding ten days and not involving construction of permanent facilities;

E. Accessory structures and uses established prior to establishment of main use or structure;

F. Habitat restoration; habitat interpretive facility;

G. Live entertainment;

H. Public paths;

I. Business establishments that provide commercial places of amusement or recreation, live entertainment, or service of alcoholic beverages and that are located within two hundred feet of the boundary of a residential district;

J. Weddings;

K. Business establishments that sell or dispense alcoholic beverages for consumption upon the premises;

L. Other visitor serving uses of a similar character, density, and intensity as those listed in this section and determined by the planning commission to be consistent and compatible with the intent of this chapter and the applicable land use plan;

M. Offices and limited retail use, accessory to visitor serving uses;

N. One caretaker unit for the purpose of providing on-site security;

O. Access roadway;

P. Residential use by the owners and their family members of up to one unit per parcel on the three parcels, as long as a minimum of six guest bedrooms are available for visitor serving use within the three parcels;

Q. Nonfamily residential use during the off-season months (November through April). (Res. 4223, 2021)

17.30.050 Accessory uses.

The following are accessory uses permitted in a V-S district:

A. Signs complying with the applicable regulations set forth in the sign ordinance;

B. Accessory uses and buildings customarily appurtenant to a permitted use. (Res. 4223, 2021)

17.30.060 Height.

No structures shall exceed thirty feet in height. Exceptions up to thirty-six feet in height may be granted subject to approval by the city council upon the recommendation of the planning commission when the following findings can be made:

A. The proposed development and design are compatible with existing land uses of surrounding areas and the general plan;

B. Streets and thoroughfares are suitable and adequate to serve the proposed development;

C. The proposed development does not produce shadows which may adversely affect the enjoyment of adjacent streets, buildings or open space;

D. Major public views are not blocked by the proposed development. (Res. 4223, 2021)

17.30.070 Lot area.

The minimum lot area required shall be five thousand square feet. (Res. 4223, 2021)

17.30.080 Lot coverage.

There shall be no specific maximum lot coverage set except as follows:

A. Sufficient space shall be provided to satisfy off-street parking and loading area requirements, notwithstanding that all parking may be provided within a structure(s);

B. Front yard and open space requirements shall be satisfied;

C. For the Monarch Cove Inn parcels, the allowable impervious site coverage (e.g., buildings, paving, decks, etc.) is fifty percent. (Res. 4223, 2021)

17.30.090 Yards.

A. Front, side and rear yard setbacks may be required through design permit approval in order to provide adequate light and air, assure sufficient distance between adjoining uses to minimize any incompatibility and to promote excellence of development. Where a side or rear yard abuts residential property a setback of at least ten feet shall be provided.

B. Front yards and corner lot side yards shall not be used for required parking facilities.

C. For the Monarch Cove Inn parcels located adjacent to the bluff top, new development shall adhere to the setback and development provisions provided in the LUP’s natural hazards policies and in certified zoning Chapter 17.68 (GH Geologic Hazards District). (Res. 4223, 2021)

17.30.100 Parking.

Parking standards shall be as provided in Chapter 17.76. (Res. 4223, 2021)

17.30.110 Loading areas.

Loading areas shall be as provided in Chapter 17.76. (Res. 4223, 2021)

17.30.120 Landscaping and lighting.

A minimum of five percent of the lot area shall be landscaped to ensure harmony with adjacent development in accordance with architectural and site approval standards. For the visitor serving Monarch Cove Inn parcels, fifty percent of the parcels shall consist of landscaped or open space areas. The planting of invasive plant species is prohibited. All exterior lighting shall be unobtrusive, harmonious with the local area and constructed or located so that only the area intended is illuminated and off-site glare is fully controlled. The location, type and wattage of the exterior lighting must be approved by the community development director prior to the issuance of building permits or the establishment of the use. (Res. 4223, 2021)