Chapter 17.32


17.32.010    Purpose of the special purpose zoning districts.

17.32.020    Land use regulations.

17.32.030    Development standards.

17.32.010 Purpose of the special purpose zoning districts.

A. Community Facility (CF). The CF zoning district provides areas for public and community facilities serving Capitola residents and visitors. Land uses permitted in the CF zoning district include public uses such as governmental offices, police and fire stations, community centers, schools, libraries, and other similar uses. The CF zoning district implements the public/quasi-public land use designation in the general plan.

B. Parks and Open Space (P/OS). The P/OS zoning district provides parks, recreational facilities, and open space for the use and enjoyment of the community and visitors. The P/OS zoning district also protects and preserves environmentally sensitive natural areas and habitat in Capitola. The P/OS zoning district implements the parks and open space land use designation in the general plan. (Ord. 1043 § 2 (Att. 2), 2020)

17.32.020 Land use regulations.

A. Permitted Uses. Table 17.32-1 identifies land uses permitted in the CF and P/OS zoning districts.

B. Commercial Uses in the P/OS Zoning District. Commercial uses that are accessory to a permitted use in the P/OS zoning district are permitted with a conditional use permit as long as the park, recreation, and open space purposes are met by the overall development.

C. Visitor Accommodations in New Brighton State Beach. Visitor accommodations and campground uses are permitted in the New Brighton State Beach.

D. P/OS Standards. The following standards apply to uses in the P/OS zoning district:

1. Any structure, land use, or removal of vegetation or natural materials that in the opinion of the community development director is inconsistent with the purpose of the P/OS zoning district is prohibited.

2. Development shall be subordinate to its recreational, scenic, or natural resource purpose consistent with the local coastal program (LCP). Natural resource protection shall include protection of arroyos; creeks, riparian corridors, and other environmentally sensitive habitat; and woodlands.

3. No new structures are permitted on the open, sandy beach area of Capitola except for appropriate public facilities (e.g., the flume and jetties), required shoreline protective structures (approved beach erosion control structures), and structures required for public health and safety (e.g., lifeguard stands) if otherwise consistent with the local coastal program.

 Table 17.32-1: Permitted Land Uses in the CF and P/OS Zoning Districts 


Zoning District

Additional Regulations


Permitted Use




Administrative Permit required


Minor Use Permit required


Conditional Use Permit required

Use not allowed

Public and Quasi-Public Uses

Colleges and Trade Schools



Community Assembly

P [1]


Cultural Institutions

P [1]


Day Care Centers

P [1]


Government Offices



Parks and Recreational Facilities

P [1]

P [1]


Public Paths and Coastal Accessways




Public Safety Facilities



Schools, Public or Private



Transportation, Communication, and Utilities Uses

Recycling Collection Facilities


Section 17.96.130

Utilities, Major




Utilities, Minor




Wireless Telecommunications Facilities

See Chapter 17.104


Other Uses

Accessory Uses and Structures

See Chapter 17.52


Temporary Uses and Structures

See Section 17.96.180


Urban Agriculture

Community Gardens

M [1]

M [1]


Urban Farms

C [1]

C [1]



[1] Publicly owned and/or operated facilities only.

(Ord. 1043 § 2 (Att. 2), 2020)

17.32.030 Development standards.

A. Floor Area Ratio. The maximum permitted floor area ratio (FAR) is 0.25 in the P/OS zoning district and as determined by the planning commission through the design review process in the CF zoning district.

B. Other Development Standards. Other development standards (e.g., setbacks, height, building coverage) in the CF and P/OS zoning districts shall be determined by the planning commission through the design review and coastal development permit (if in the coastal zone) process. (Ord. 1043 § 2 (Att. 2), 2020)