Title 18


Division I. Development Code Applicability

18.10    Title, Purpose, Applicability, and Interpretation

18.15    Zoning Districts and Zoning Map

18.20    General Terms

Division II. Zoning Districts – Uses and Standards

18.25    Development and Land Use Approvals

18.30    Residential Districts (RR, RS, RL, RM, and RH)

18.35    North Todos Santos District (NTS)

18.40    Office and Commercial Districts (CO, CMX, NC, SC, and RC)

18.45    Downtown Districts (DP, DMX, and WMX)

18.50    Business Park and Industrial Districts (OBP, IBP, IMX, and HI)

18.55    Public/Quasi-Public District (PQP)

18.60    Community Land Districts (OS, PR, RLC, WRC, and CRP-GF)

18.65    Study District (S)

Division III. Overlay Zoning Districts

18.100    Airport Overlay District (A)

18.105    Transit Station Overlay District (TS)

18.110    Commercial Cannabis Overlay District

Division IV. Development Standards

18.150    General Development Standards

18.155    Standards for Small Lot and Medium Density Development

18.160    Parking, Loading, and Access

18.165    Landscaping

18.170    Water Efficient Landscaping

18.175    Stormwater Management

18.180    Signs

18.185    Affordable Housing

Division V. Standards for Specific Uses

18.200    Standards for Specific Uses

18.205    Wireless Communication Facilities for New and Substantially Changed Wireless Facilities

18.207    Wireless Communication Facilities for Eligible Facilities Requests

18.210    Adult-Oriented Businesses

Division VI. Resource Management

18.300    Hillside Protection

18.305    Creek and Riparian Habitat Protection

18.310    Tree Preservation and Protection

Division VII. Permits and Permit Procedures

18.400    Authority for Land Use and Zoning Decisions

18.405    Permit Application Filing and Processing

18.410    Zoning Clearance

18.415    Design and Site Review

18.420    Administrative Permits

18.425    Minor Exceptions

18.430    Variances

18.435    Minor Use Permits and Use Permits

18.440    Planned Development Use Permit

18.445    Hillside Development Use Permit

18.450    Historic Preservation

18.455    General Plan, Specific Plans, Development Code and Zoning Map Amendments

18.460    Development Agreements

Division VIII. Administration

18.500    Public Hearings

18.505    Permit Implementation, Time Limits, Extensions, and Amendments

18.510    Appeals and Calls for Review

18.515    Environmental Review

18.520    Performance Guarantees and Property Maintenance

18.525    Covenants of Easements

18.530    Nonconforming Uses, Structures, and Parcels

18.535    Nonconforming Physical Improvements/Property Upgrades

18.540    Enforcement