Chapter 86.06


86.06.010    Names of zones.

86.06.020    Modifying or overlay zones.

86.06.030    Establishment of zones by map.

86.06.040    Division of zoning map.

86.06.050    Changes in zone boundaries.

86.06.060    Location of boundaries, uncertain boundaries.

86.06.070    Unclassified property as R-1A – Annexed property as R-1A.

86.06.080    Annexed territory – Prezoning.

86.06.010 Names of zones.

In order to classify, regulate, restrict and segregate the uses of land and buildings, to regulate and restrict the height and bulk of buildings and to regulate the area of yards and other open spaces about buildings, and to regulate the density of population, several classes of zones are established to be known as follows:

R-1A; R-1A(E);
R-1A(CC); R-1A(CC1); R-1A(CC2);
R-1A(CC3); R-1A(BF)

Single-Family Residential Zone (six to eight dwelling units per acre)


Single-Family Residential Zone (12 dwelling units per acre)


Multiple-Family Residential Zone (31 dwelling units per acre)


Multiple-Family Residential Zone (40 dwelling units per acre)


Multiple-Family Residential Zone (47 dwelling units per acre)


Commercial Zone


The Orange Avenue Corridor Specific Plan contains the C, R-4, C-U and OS Zones as depicted on the zoning map


Commercial Recreation Zone


Hotel-Motel Zone


Civic Use Zone


Open Space Zone


Residential-Planned Community Development Zone


Residential-Special Care Development Zone


Military Prezone

(Ord. 1954 § 6, 2003; Ord. 1742; Ord. 1675; Ord. 1666; Ord. 1560)

86.06.020 Modifying or overlay zones.

The zones set forth below are termed modifying or overlay zones. The regulations of each such zone shall apply in addition to the regulations of the basic zone listed in CMC 86.06.010 with which the modifying or overlay zone is combined.


Parking Overlay Zone


Scenic Highway Modifying Zone


Tidelands Overlay Zone


Wildlife Preserve Zone


Planned Community Development Zone

(Ord. 1869; Ord. 1675; Ord. 1560)

86.06.030 Establishment of zones by map.

The location and boundaries of the various zones are hereby established and shown and delineated on the “Official Zoning Map of the City of Coronado,” which is adopted hereby and made a part hereof, on file in the Community Development Department.

86.06.040 Division of zoning map.

The zoning map may, for convenience, be divided into parts and each such part may, for purposes of more readily identifying areas within such zoning map, be subdivided into units and each such part and units may be separately employed for purposes of amending the zoning map or for any official reference to the zoning map.

86.06.050 Changes in zone boundaries.

Changes in the boundaries of the zones shall be made by ordinance adopting an amended zoning map, or part thereof, or unit of a part thereof, which ordinance, when so adopted, shall be published in the manner prescribed by law and become a part of this chapter by reference.

86.06.060 Location of boundaries, uncertain boundaries.

Where uncertainty exists as to the boundary of any zone shown upon the zoning map, the following rules shall apply:

A. Whenever the zone boundary is indicated as being approximately following street, alley, block or property lines, then, unless otherwise definitely indicated on the map, the center line of such street, alley, block or property line shall be construed to be the boundary of such zone.

B. Where the application of the above rules do not clarify the zone boundary location, the Commission shall interpret the zoning map as to the location of the zone boundary.

86.06.070 Unclassified property as R-1A Annexed property as R-1A.

Any property which, for any reason, is not designated on the zoning map as being classified in any of the several zones established by this chapter, or any property hereafter annexed or consolidated to the City subsequent to the effective date of the ordinance codified in this title shall be deemed to be classified R-1A (Single-Family Residential Zone) until such classification shall have been changed pursuant to CMC 86.54.020 through 86.54.060.

86.06.080 Annexed territory Prezoning.

Any territory lying outside the City limits, but being adjacent to or within its sphere of influence, may be “prezoned” with any one of the several zoning classifications adopted by this chapter in accordance with the provisions of CMC 86.54.020 through 86.54.060 and in compliance with applicable provisions of the planning and zoning laws of the State of California. If any territory has been “prezoned” in such manner, the assigned zoning shall become effective at the time the annexation of the property becomes effective.