Chapter 86.18


86.18.010    Purpose and intent.

86.18.020    Permitted and accessory uses.

86.18.030    Height regulations.

86.18.040    Front yard required.

86.18.050    Rear yard required.

86.18.060    Side yard required.

86.18.070    Building site area per family.

86.18.080    Maximum structural coverage allowed.

86.18.090    Off-street parking required.

86.18.100    Design review required.

86.18.110    Deviation from standards.

86.18.120    Development landscape required.

86.18.010 Purpose and intent.

The purpose and intent of this chapter is to provide regulations for residential land development at an overall maximum density of 47 dwelling units per acre consisting of high quality multiple-family dwelling structures and supporting facilities consisting of noncommercial recreation facilities and maintenance and operational facilities essential to the development. (Ord. 1559)

86.18.020 Permitted and accessory uses.

A. The following uses shall be allowed in the R-5 Zone:

1. Multiple-family dwelling structures.

B. The following accessory uses are allowed in conjunction with the uses specified in subsection A of this section:

1. Incidental home occupations subject to the provisions of Chapter 20.08 CMC.

2. Accessory buildings subject to the provisions of Chapter 86.56 CMC.

3. Appropriate condominium sales offices are authorized, subject to the requirement that one such office is permitted in each of several buildings of a development, and all such sales offices must cease upon initial sale of 90 percent of the units in that building; and provided further, that such office may be used only for the initial sale of new condominiums and not for rentals of 30 days or less and not for resales except as may be incident to an exchange for a new unit.

C. Residential care facility, supportive housing, and transitional housing. (Ord. 2040 §§ 6, 11, 2014; Ord. 2022 §§ 5, 10, 2011; Ord. 2015 § 9, 2010; Ord. 1559)

86.18.030 Height regulations.

All multiple-family dwelling structures shall be no more and no less than 150 feet in height. No accessory building shall exceed two stories and 25 feet in height. (Ord. 1559)

86.18.040 Front yard required.

There shall be a front yard of 25 percent of the depth of the lot; provided, however, that no such front yard need exceed 25 feet.

86.18.050 Rear yard required.

There shall be a rear yard of not less than 25 percent of the depth of the lot; provided, however, that no such rear yard need exceed 25 feet.

86.18.060 Side yard required.

There shall be a side yard of not less than 10 percent of the width of the lot or building site, however, such side yards shall be no less than five feet, and in cases where the building or structure is more than two stories in height, each such side yard shall be increased one foot in width for each additional story above the second story.

86.18.070 Building site area per family.

Subject to the provisions of this chapter, the overall density of the R-5 Zone as shown in the adopted General Plan shall not exceed 47 dwelling units per acre or an average of 725 square feet of building site area per dwelling unit.

86.18.080 Maximum structural coverage allowed.

The total structural coverage shall not exceed 33 percent of the total gross building site area.

86.18.090 Off-street parking required.

Off-street parking shall be provided in conformance with Chapter 86.58 CMC. (Ord. 1544)

86.18.100 Design review required.

Design review is required in conformance with this code.

86.18.110 Deviation from standards.

If any structure deviates from this chapter, it shall be subject to review and approval pursuant to Chapter 86.54 CMC, Administration and Enforcement.

86.18.120 Development landscape required.

A minimum of 35 percent of the total site area of new residential developments and 15 percent of the total site area of new commercial developments (in both cases excluding waterways, and required street and sidewalks) shall be landscaped. Required parking spaces shall not be considered as a portion of the required landscaping. (Ord. 1586)