Chapter 86.20


86.20.010    Purpose and intent.

86.20.020    Permitted and accessory uses.

86.20.030    Height regulation.

86.20.040    Front yard required.

86.20.050    Side yard required.

86.20.060    Rear yard required.

86.20.070    Off-street parking required.

86.20.080    Maximum structural coverage allowed.

86.20.090    Design review required.

86.20.100    Development landscaping required.

86.20.010 Purpose and intent.

The purpose and intent of this chapter is to provide regulations governing limited residential special care facilities located in close proximity to hospital services. Such facilities are intended to provide the ambulatory elderly a care and housing opportunity within the community that addresses their unique needs and facilitates their continued participation in community activities. This chapter is also intended to provide regulations governing skilled nursing facilities for either the ambulatory or nonambulatory in such a location. (Ord. 1684; Ord. 1507)

86.20.020 Permitted and accessory uses.

The following uses shall be allowed in the Residential-Special Care Development Zone:

A. A limited residential special care facility located in close proximity to hospital service on a lot not less than one acre in size. Such a facility shall be designed for, and operated at, a resident population density of not more than 64 habitable units per acre and two occupants per habitable unit.

B. Special care may include nursing (excluding on-site medical), centralized kitchen and dining facilities, recreational facilities, noise control features, special ingress and egress, internal communication systems, transportation services, and similar supportive services benefiting from close proximity to a medical complex.

C. A skilled nursing facility on a lot not less than 0.9 acres containing not more than 90 beds in a total of not more than 32 nursing units.

D. The following accessory uses are allowed in conjunction with the residential special care facility or skilled nursing facility:

1. Accessory buildings subject to the provisions of Chapter 86.56 CMC (with the exception of CMC 86.56.100(D) and (E));

2. Off-street parking in conformance with Chapter 86.58 CMC;

3. Supportive special services or facilities, solely for resident use or care, that would conform to the permitted use of the zone. Such uses may include:

a. Group dining facilities;

b. Barber and beauty salon facilities;

c. Office space for management, dietician, and visiting doctor use;

d. Storage facilities for medicine;

e. Group meeting, activity or recreation facilities;

f. Chapel;

g. Any other use determined by the Planning Commission to be of the same general character as the above accessory uses.

86.20.030 Height regulation.

No structure shall exceed 30 feet in height and shall not contain more than two stories.

86.20.040 Front yard required.

There shall be a front yard of not less than 25 feet for skilled nursing facilities and 20 feet for residential special care facilities.

86.20.050 Side yard required.

There shall be side yards of not less than seven and one-half feet.

86.20.060 Rear yard required.

There shall be a rear yard of not less than 20 feet.

86.20.070 Off-street parking required.

Off-street parking shall be provided in conformance with Chapter 86.58 CMC.

86.20.080 Maximum structural coverage allowed.

The total structural coverage shall not exceed 55 percent of the gross lot area. (Ord. 1821)

86.20.090 Design review required.

Design review is required in conformance with this code.

86.20.100 Development landscaping required.

A minimum of 35 percent of the total site area of new residential developments and 15 percent of the total site area of new commercial developments (in both cases excluding waterways, and required streets and sidewalks) shall be landscaped. Required parking spaces shall not be considered as a portion of the required landscaping.