Chapter 86.28


86.28.010    Purpose and intent.

86.28.020    Permitted uses – Special use permit required.

86.28.025    Height regulations.

86.28.030    Design review required.

86.28.040    Off-street parking.

86.28.050    Development landscaping required.

86.28.010 Purpose and intent.

The purpose and intent of the regulations contained in this chapter are to accommodate and promote the location of privately owned commercial-recreational activities in the shoreline areas of Coronado as identified in the General Plan so that limited tourist and recreational activities can be controlled and encouraged without the possibility of opening up such areas to commercial activities allowed in other Commercial Zones.

86.28.020 Permitted uses Special use permit required.

Uses as listed in CMC 86.55.160 are subject to the provisions as set forth in Chapters 86.54 and 86.55 CMC. (Ord. 1675)

86.28.025 Height regulations.

No building or structure hereafter erected or structurally altered shall exceed 40 feet. (Ord. 1482)

86.28.030 Design review required.

Design review is required in conformance with this code.

86.28.040 Off-street parking.

Off-street parking shall be provided in conformance with Chapter 86.58 CMC.

86.28.050 Development landscaping required.

A minimum of 15 percent of the total site area of new developments shall be landscaped. Required parking spaces shall not be considered as a portion of the required landscaping. (Ord. 1870; Ord. 1586)