Chapter 86.32


86.32.010    Purpose and intent.

86.32.020    Principal uses permitted.

86.32.030    Accessory uses.

86.32.040    Height regulations.

86.32.050    Front yard.

86.32.060    Side yard – Interior lot.

86.32.070    Side yard – Corner lot.

86.32.080    Rear yard.

86.32.090    Other required conditions.

86.32.100    Development landscaping required.

86.32.110    Special use permit required.

86.32.010 Purpose and intent.

It is the purpose and intent of this chapter to provide for areas in appropriate locations where centers providing for the needs of tourists, travelers and transient occupants may be established, maintained and protected. The regulations contained herein are designed to encourage the provision of “transient rental” facilities (other than “time-share complexes”), restaurants, and other activities providing for the convenience, welfare or entertainment of the transient. (Ord. 1856; Ord. 1809)

86.32.020 Principal uses permitted.

The following uses shall be allowed in the H-M Zone:

A. Hotels and motels which provide habitable or dwelling units of which not more than six units or 15 percent (whichever is greater) shall be occupied by a resident occupant;

B. Restaurants with entertainment facilities subject to the provisions of CMC 86.56.030;

C. Restaurants serving food and beverages only within buildings and/or adjoining patios;

D. Assembly halls, theaters, or other public or semi-public buildings subject to the provisions of CMC 86.55.280;

E. Private clubs and lodges except those the chief activities of which are a service customarily carried on as a business subject to the provisions of CMC 86.55.280;

F. Art galleries;

G. Gift shops;

H. Other uses that, in the opinion of the Planning Commission, are consistent with the intent and purpose of this chapter. (Ord. 1956 § 11, 2004; Ord. 1856; Ord. 1559; Ord. 1495)

86.32.030 Accessory uses.

An accessory use may be located in a main building containing a principal use or may be in one or more accessory buildings on the same lot. An accessory use may also occupy a lot without a principal use, provided the principal use is located on an adjoining lot. The following accessory uses are permitted:

A. Hairstyling;

B. Clothing sales (new);

C. Convenience stores (offering tobacco, magazines, books, liquor, etc.);

D. Health conditioning;

E. Commercial or public parking lots and parking garages, subject to the provisions of Chapter 86.58 CMC;

F. Storage buildings or garages;

G. Facilities for the repairing, cleaning or maintenance of materials associated with the accessory or primary use subject to the provisions of CMC 86.56.020;

H. Offices;

I. Florist; and

J. Any other establishment determined by the commission to be of the same general character as the above accessory uses. (Ord. 1856)

86.32.040 Height regulations.

No building or structure shall exceed 40 feet in height and shall not contain more than three stories.

86.32.050 Front yard.

Each lot shall maintain a front yard setback of 25 feet unless stated otherwise by Resolution 1944 adopted February 7, 1950.

86.32.060 Side yard Interior lot.

On interior lots, buildings shall maintain a five-foot setback.

86.32.070 Side yard Corner lot.

On corner lots, buildings shall maintain a 10-foot setback unless stated otherwise by Resolution 1944 adopted February 7, 1950.

86.32.080 Rear yard.

There shall be a rear yard of not less than 10 feet.

86.32.090 Other required conditions.

A. Design review and approval is required for all uses as provided for this code.

B. Trash storage areas are subject to the conditions of CMC 86.56.040.

C. Off-street parking required for all uses as provided for in Chapter 86.58 CMC.

D. All uses shall be conducted with a completely enclosed building or courtyard, except for recreational facilities, patio restaurants, florists and off-street parking.

E. Outdoor storage of merchandise (other than plants and flowers), material or equipment shall be permitted only when incidental to a permitted or accessory use located on the same premises, and provided that:

1. Storage area shall be completely enclosed by walls, fences or buildings, and shall be part of an approved site plan;

2. No outdoor storage of materials or equipment shall be permitted to exceed a height greater than that of any enclosing wall, fence, or building.

F. Information shall be provided and/or posted in a location visible and accessible to the public concerning the availability of public transit and alternative modes of transportation. (Ord. 1856)

86.32.100 Development landscaping required.

A. A minimum of 25 percent of the total site area of new residential developments and five percent of the total site of new nonresidential developments shall be landscaped. Required parking spaces shall not be considered as a portion of the required landscaping.

B. When new construction occurs resulting in the addition of over 500 square feet of floor area, or when property is improved or renovated with a building permit valuation for the improvement or renovation of $50,000 or more, the developer, property owner or tenant of said site shall plant one or more street trees in the public right-of-way adjacent to said property, if space is available. All shade trees shall have a minimum four-inch diameter trunk (measured four feet, six inches above the root crown) and palm trees shall have a minimum six-foot brown trunk. The specific number of trees, species, location, irrigation system, and planting methods shall be at the direction of the City of Coronado in accordance with City specifications and the City’s approved street tree list. Irrigation of said tree(s) shall be the responsibility of the adjoining property owner. (Ord. 1870; Ord. 1586)

86.32.110 Special use permit required.

A special use permit is required in conformance with this code for development consisting of a floor area ratio of greater than 1.8. (Ord. 1856)