Chapter 18.19


18.19.010    Purposes and criteria.

18.19.010 Purposes and criteria.

A. The AU assembly use overlay district is added to particular parcels of land in order to permit assembly uses to be located as a permitted use on specific parcels that are suitable for this type of development, regardless of the underlying zoning district. When a parcel is zoned for AU assembly use overlay, all permitted and conditional uses permitted by the underlying zone remain permitted and conditional uses, respectively. In addition, assembly uses are permitted as provided in this chapter.

B. Except for parcels on which assembly uses existed prior to September 27, 2005, reclassification of property to include the AU assembly use overlay district shall be limited to parcels which meet the following criteria:

1. One (1) acre in size or larger;

2. Located on collector or arterial streets as defined in the General Plan; and

3. Situated such that assembly uses are otherwise compatible with any existing or planned abutting use. [Ord. 13-008 § 2; Ord. 13-009 § 2(1).]