Chapter 8.42

8.42.010 Purpose.

The purpose of this Chapter is to prohibit the establishment of Superstores, as defined herein, within the City. Ord. 22-08 (May 2008)

8.42.020 Definition.

Superstore means a store that exceeds one hundred seventy thousand (170,000) square feet of Gross Floor Area and devotes at least ten (10) percent of the total sales floor area to the sale of non-taxable merchandise. “Sales floor area” means only interior building space devoted to the sale of merchandise and does not include restrooms, office space, storage space, automobile service areas or open-air garden sales space. “Non-taxable merchandise” means products, commodities or items, the sale of which is not subject to California State sales tax. The definition of Superstore does not include a discount club store where shoppers pay a membership fee in order to take advantage of discounted prices on a wide variety of items such as food, clothing, tires, and appliances and many items are sold in large quantities or bulk. Ord. 22-08 (May 2008)

8.42.030 Superstores Prohibited.

Superstores, as defined in Section 8.42.020, are prohibited in all zoning districts. Ord. 22-08 (May 2008)