Title 16


16.02    California Administrative Code

16.04    California Building Code

16.05    Expedited Permit Process for Small Residential Rooftop Solar Systems

16.06    Post-Disaster Assessment

16.07    Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

16.08    Auto Courts, Resorts and Motels

16.10    California Residential Code

16.14    California Green Building Standards Code

16.16    Owner and Tenant Responsibilities

16.17    Abandoned Residential Property Registration

16.18    Nuisance Code

16.20    Elk Grove Housing Code

16.21    City of Elk Grove Hotel/Motel Compliance Assurance Program

16.22    Elk Grove City Dangerous Buildings Code

16.23    Boarding of Vacant Structures in Abatement Proceedings

16.24    California Plumbing Code

16.28    California Electrical Code

16.32    California Mechanical Code

16.34    Uniform Code for Building Conservation

16.36    Swimming Pools

16.40    Moving Buildings

16.44    Land Grading and Erosion Control

16.50    Flood Damage Prevention

16.70    Access Controls

16.81    City of Elk Grove East Franklin Facilities Fee

16.82    City of Elk Grove Laguna Ridge Park Fee

16.84    Repealed

16.85    Elk Grove Fire Fee

16.86    Laguna Stonelake Public Facilities Financing Plan Development Impact Fee Program

16.88    Affordable Housing Fee for New Residential Development

16.89    Affordable Housing Fee for New Nonresidential Development

16.90    Construction Permit Fees

16.91    Eastern Elk Grove Park Fee

16.95    Development Impact Fees

16.96    Development Impact Fees for Measure A Transportation Improvements for Citywide Benefit District

16.97    Development Impact Fees for the Voluntary I-5 Subregional Corridor Transportation Improvements

16.100    Repealed

16.120    Deferral of Certain Impact Fees

16.130    Swainson’s Hawk Impact Mitigation Fees