Chapter 23.20


23.20.010    Modification.

23.20.020    Revocation.

23.20.010 Modification.

Any person holding a permit granted under this title may request a modification or amendment to that permit. For the purpose of this section, the modification of a permit may include modification of the terms of the permit itself, project design, or the waiver or alteration of conditions imposed in the granting of the permit.

If the Development Services Director determines that a proposed project action is not in substantial conformance with the original approval, the Development Services Director shall notify the property owner of the requirement to submit a permit modification application for consideration and action by the same approving authority as the original permit. A permit modification may be granted only when the approving authority makes all findings required for the original approval, and the additional finding that there are changed circumstances sufficient to justify the modification of the approval. [Ord. 24-2015 §11 (Exh. I), eff. 2-12-2016; Ord. 26-2006 §3, eff. 8-11-2006]

23.20.020 Revocation.

A. Purpose. The purpose of this section is to provide for the revocation of any land use or development permit granted under this title.

B. Revocation or Modification of a Permit for Cause. A permit may be revoked or modified for cause as provided by the provisions of this section.

C. Grounds for Revocation. A permit may be revoked upon a finding of any of the following grounds:

1. The permit was obtained or extended by false, misleading or incomplete information.

2. One or more of the conditions upon which the permit was approved have been violated, or have not been complied with.

D. Initiation of Action. The revocation of a permit may be initiated by any of the City’s designated planning agencies as identified in EGMC Section 23.10.020, Composition of Elk Grove Planning Agency. The designated Planning Agency shall specify in writing to the permittee the basis upon which the action to revoke the permit is to be evaluated during the hearing to revoke.

E. Revocation Hearing.

1. A public hearing is required for any action to revoke a permit. The hearing shall be held by the original approving authority for the subject permit. The hearing shall be noticed in the same manner required for the granting of the original permit pursuant to EGMC Section 23.14.040, Public notices.

2. In its discretion, the designated approving authority may modify or delete the conditions of approval or add new conditions of approval in lieu of revoking a permit in order to address the issues raised by the revocation hearing. The action on the revocation is subject to appeal in accordance with the provisions of EGMC 23.14.060, Appeals. [Ord. 26-2006 §3, eff. 8-11-2006]