Chapter 30.80


30.80.010    Sacramento Regional Solid Waste Authority (SWA) facility.

30.80.020    Inspection.

30.80.030    Posting rates.

30.80.010 Sacramento Regional Solid Waste Authority (SWA) facility.

The City recognizes that the County of Sacramento, through the Sacramento Regional Solid Waste Authority (SWA), is the local enforcement agency (LEA) designated by the California Integrated Waste Management Board to regulate, survey, monitor, and ensure the lawful operation of transfer/processing facilities, recycling facilities, compost facilities, construction and demolition (C&D) debris sorting facilities, landfills, and like solid waste disposal operations. Therefore, any such facility or operation certified, licensed, or otherwise approved by SWA to engage in solid waste handling or disposal is deemed adequate and approved for the sorting, recycling, handling, disposal, and any similar activity to process solid waste generated in or originating from the City or within its jurisdiction. This approval by the City is operative notwithstanding the SWA-certified or approved facility or operation is located outside of the territorial jurisdiction of SWA. [Ord. 10-2010 §4, eff. 6-25-2010]

30.80.020 Inspection.

The owner or operator of a facility shall allow the Environmental Compliance Division, Sacramento County Environmental Management Department staff and/or representatives of SWA and/or City representatives to inspect the facility during hours of operation and at other times. [Ord. 10-2010 §4, eff. 6-25-2010]

30.80.030 Posting rates.

The owner or operator of a site that accepts delivery of solid waste from the public shall post facility rates in a visible location at the entrance to the facility or site. [Ord. 10-2010 §4, eff. 6-25-2010]