6-15.01    Definitions

6-15.02    Gas-Powered Leaf Blower Use Prohibition

6-15.03    Penalties and Remedies

6-15.01. Definitions.

“Gas-powered leaf blower” means any leaf-, dirt-, or debris-blowing device powered by an internal combustion or rotary engine using gasoline, alcohol or other liquid or gaseous fluid. Lawn mowers and electric leaf blowers are not included in this definition.

(Sec. 2, Ord. 23-006, eff. July 1, 2024)

6-15.02. Gas-Powered Leaf Blower Use Prohibition.

No person shall operate or allow the operation of a gas-powered leaf blower within the City on either public or private property.

(Sec. 2, Ord. 23-006, eff. July 1, 2024)

6-15.03. Penalties and Remedies.

(a)    It shall be a violation of the Emeryville Municipal Code, subject to administrative citation under Chapter 7 of Title 1, for a responsible party to violate Section 6-15.02.

(b)    The term “responsible party” includes, but is not limited to, a property owner, including a homeowners’ or tenants’ association; tenant; occupant; person with a legal interest in real property or person in possession of real property; a business owner; or manager of a business. An employee or contractor of any of the foregoing persons or entities shall not be held responsible for a violation of this chapter if the employee or contractor was provided a gas-powered leaf blower by a responsible party or directed to use a gas-powered leaf blower by a responsible party.

(Sec. 2, Ord. 23-006, eff. July 1, 2024)


This chapter goes into effect on July 1, 2024, per Section 5 of Ord. 23-006.