Chapter 2.16


2.16.010    Established.

2.16.020    Appointment.

2.16.030    Organization and officers.

2.16.040    Abatement of health nuisances.

2.16.050    Powers and duties.

2.16.010 Established.

A board of health in and for the city is established, to consist of five persons, one at least of whom shall be a practicing physician and a graduate of some reputable school of medicine, and one if practicable, a civil engineer. The members of the board shall hold their offices at the pleasure of the appointing power. (Ord. 11 § 1, 1905)

2.16.020 Appointment.

The board of health shall be appointed by the president of the board of trustees with the consent of the board. (Ord. 11 § 6, 1905)

2.16.030 Organization and officers.

The members of the board of health shall, within a reasonable time, assemble and organize by appointing from among their number a president, vice president and a secretary who shall each hold office during the pleasure of the board. They shall meet quarterly and at such other times as the president may direct. In the absence of the president, the vice president shall act, and in all such cases he is clothed with the same powers as the president. (Ord. 11 § 2, 1905)

2.16.040 Abatement of health nuisances.

Whenever in the opinion of the board of health there exists a nuisance endangering the health of the city or any portion thereof, the board may, by notice, order the same abated within such time as it may deem reasonable, and any person refusing or neglecting to comply with such notice is guilty of a misdemeanor and on conviction may be fined not to exceed $25.00 or imprisoned not to exceed 25 days in the city jail. (Ord. 11 § 3, 1905)

2.16.050 Powers and duties.

The board of health shall supervise all matters pertaining to the sanitary condition of the city and make such rules and regulations relative thereto as are necessary and proper. They shall recommend to the board of trustees, in writing, such sanitary measures as they may consider advisable and cooperate with them in carrying the same into effect, and report to the Secretary of the State Board of Health at Sacramento, at such times as the State Board of Health may require, the matters and things required by Section 3061 of the Political Code of the state, and do and perform any and all other acts that may, by ordinance or otherwise, be lawfully required. (Ord. 11 § 4, 1905)