Chapter 6.07


6.07.010    Impoundment of dogs.

6.07.010 Impoundment of dogs.

A. Any dog found at large within city limits may be taken by the animal control officer and impounded, as authorized by resolution. No person who owns/possesses a dog shall allow it to run at large so that it is subject to impoundment. Any person violating the provisions of this section shall be guilty of an infraction and subject to the fines set by the bail schedule plus the costs of impoundment.

B. If the license fee has not been paid for the current year for any impounded dog, or if no rabies vaccination certificate has been obtained, the party redeeming the dog shall pay such license fee, and supply a valid rabies vaccination certificate in addition to any impoundment or redemption fees to be paid to the city clerk.

C. Any costs to the city incurred when it is necessary to impound an animal will be charged to the owner/possessor. (Ord. 192, 2006)