Chapter 17.08


17.08.010    Districts designated.

17.08.020    Zoning map.

17.08.030    Determination of uncertain boundaries.

17.08.040    Prezones.

17.08.050    Split zoning.

17.08.010 Districts designated.

The districts are established by this title and are designated as follows:

Table 17.08.010


Single-family residential, 10,000

one-family, 10,000 square feet minimum building site area


Single-family residential, 12,000

one-family, 12,000 square feet minimum building site area


Medium density residential

two-family, duplex, 7,200 square feet minimum building site area


High density residential

three-family, duplex, 7,200 square feet minimum building site area


Central commercial


General commercial




Mobile home residential


Open space and public use


Combining floodplain district


Combining floodplain district

The uses for each zoning district are set forth in Chapters 17.10 through 17.30 EMC. (Ord. 186, 2003)

17.08.020 Zoning map.

The designations, locations and boundaries of the districts established are delineated upon the map entitled “City of Etna California Zoning Map,” dated November 3, 2003, which map and all notations and information thereon are made a part of this title by reference, which map is on file in the office of the city clerk. (Ord. 186, 2003)

17.08.030 Determination of uncertain boundaries.

Where any uncertainty exists as to the correct location of any zoning district boundary shown on the zoning map referred to under EMC 17.08.020, it shall be the duty of the city council to establish the correct location thereof according to the intent of this title. (Ord. 186, 2003)

17.08.040 Prezones.

Property shall be prezoned prior to annexation. Prezoning will be accomplished in the same manner as zoning within the city and the application fee shall be as set by the city council. (Ord. 186, 2003)

17.08.050 Split zoning.

Parcels with split zoning may be developed in conformance with the applicable zone district as long as each zoned area meets the minimum parcel size requirement for the zone. If the zoned area does not have sufficient area to meet the minimum parcel size requirement for the zone district, such area may only be used for purposes permitted in the applicable zone district upon approval of a use permit. The most restrictive zone district will take precedence. The property may be rezoned to take advantage of the less restrictive zone. Consistent with the zone districts involved, the property could be split without the need for rezoning. (Ord. 186, 2003)