Article I. In General.

15.1 Sewer benefit districts Generally.

(a)    Rules and regulations. The rules and regulations contained in section 15.2 govern the installation of replacement or supplementary sewer mains in certain areas of the city where it has been determined that changing or increased land usage has rendered, or will render, existing sewer mains inadequate or obsolete.

(b)    Rates, fees and charges. The rates, fees and charges contained in section 15.2 are adopted as conditions to obtaining sewer connections and services within such certain areas of benefit. Such rates, fees and charges are in addition to any others levied by the Fairfield Suisun sewer district or any other public agency having jurisdiction.

15.2 Same Boundaries, fees, collection of fees and construction of supplementary sewer facilities.

(a)    South of Missouri District:

(1)    Boundaries. The boundaries shall be those prescribed on that certain map entitled "Sewer Benefit Data for the South of Missouri Sanitary Sewer System", and dated July 29, 1965, which is hereby made a part of this section.

(2)    Fees. There shall be paid by the developers within the described district a fee of fifty dollars per living unit in excess of the first unit on any lot, and fifty dollars per unit of residential development, store or office of business or professional development.

(3)    Collection. This fee shall be collected by the building inspector prior to issuance of a building permit for construction which alters the existing land use. All such fees collected shall be paid into the city sanitary sewer main extension fund.

(4)    Construction. Facilities for the improvement of the sanitary sewer system shall be constructed by the city at such time as the director of public works determines the existing facilities to be obsolete or no longer adequate to serve the area. Cost of any and all such facilities shall be reimbursed from the city sanitary sewer main extension fund. (Ord. No. 86-52, § 1.)